Cathy’s Key: If Found Please Call 650-266-8202 ~ Jordan Weisman, Sean Stewart

  • Title: Cathy’s Key: If Found Please Call 650-266-8202
  • Author: Jordan Weisman, Sean Stewart
  • Series: Cathy Vickers Trilogy #2
  • Genre: UF, YA
  • Format: Large Paperback
  • Source: Own Copy
  • Reviewer: Soo
  • Rating: 3 out of 5

Description:  This exciting sequel to Cathy’s Book, now available in paperback, is sure to enthrall young adult readers as it aligns events for the much anticipated third book later in Spring.Cathy has finally settled her curiosity about Victor—her off and on boyfriend—and his mysterious past. Suffice it to say that dating an immortal is far from easy! But now Cathy is stumbling across a trail of evidence pertaining to her own family—secrets about her father and the circumstances surrounding his death. Having an immortal boyfriend is sure to come in handy as her investigation continues, considering Cathy’s father is still alive. . . . Complete with evidence photos and a sixteen-page teaser for the third book, Cathy’s Key is sure to please!

*Potential Spoilers*

Review:  In six months following Book 1, Cathy managed to graduate from high school and flunk from three jobs for three completely different reasons. The story begins with a spontaneous road trip out to the middle of no where to meet the Fortune Teller. Cathy gets a bizarre update and a thread of unease coils around her heart. On the bus trip back to good old CA, Cathy bonds with Jewel and learns to regret it with every cursed released breath.

The sequel to Cathy’s Book is more like a novel than a journal. I wish I had found a hardback copy of the this book but settled for the paperback because I’m impatient. Regardless, the pictures drawn in this book are fantastic and very interesting. The “journal” entries are not that different, quirky and doodled with unique miscellaneous objects as the first book.

I thought the start was odd. She goes to the middle of nowhere to meet a fortune teller, and then befriends an obvious lying squirt, Jewel. I admit, I did a lot of eye rolling in the beginning of the book.

Pete and Denny are interesting new additions to the book. Cathy’s heart ripping reunion with her Dad was potent and realistic. They both have a point.

This whole, we figured out how to kill immortals shenanigans is full of CRAP! The fact that the loser Jewel managed to get her hands on it–MORE CRAP!

There was a profoundly dumb point near the beginning where I wanted to throw the book down and storm off–I resisted, drank more coffee and continued reading.

Emma & Cathy having a blowout fight? Realistic. I never forget that this book is about Asian-Americans. Some of the talk and behaviors as very Asians-R-Us.

Perhaps, like any graphic novel, if I suspend all belief and just go with the flow, I would have enjoyed this book more. But, it’s not just a graphic novel. The story isn’t driven by the pictures and the words. Words freaking matter! I shouldn’t have to remind myself that I’m reading an urban fantasy and that stupid or weird events are okay.

Good Parts:

– The Immortals: Reading about them and what they are like are great dips into folklore & mythology. I love that stuff!
– Cathy’s Kiss at job 3 & how she lost it is FREAKING hilarious! =)
– Tsao’s Origin Story: Short, sweet, gaspy & cool.
– 2nd Day of Work @ Fondue: *smirks & giggles*
– Vegan Made-Up Option at Fondue: Awesome and smack-upside-the-head worthy.
– Fighting – Brutal & efficient.

I love how publishers are trying innovative ways to pull in readers by making books like the Cathy series. There are a handful of other YA books that have different & cool ways to interactively read the series. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book but the experience wasn’t as awesome as the first book. On to Cathy’s Ring and wrapping up this trilogy!


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