Cathy’s Ring ~ Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, Cathy Brigg (Illustrator)

  • Title: Cathy’s Ring
  • Author: Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, Cathy Brigg (Illustrator)
  • Series: Cathy Vicker’s Trilogy #3
  • Genre: UF, YA
  • Format: Hardback
  • Source: Own Copy
  • Reviewer: Soo
  • Rating: 5 out of 5

Description:  Cathy cannot manage to find more than a few days to relax in her hectic (and mortal) life—she barely has time to put the mystery surrounding her father to rest before she finds herself targeted by a group of Ancestor Lu’s professional killers!Recognizing she is a serious threat to everyone in her life, Cathy makes plans to leave town. But her friends, Emma, Pete, Victor, and, surprisingly, Jun, unite to convince Cathy that they must finish Lu once and for all to have any chance at peace—mortal or immortal. In order to defeat Lu, the friends must come together in a way they never have before.

Meanwhile—unbeknownst to Cathy—Victor has made the ultimate sacrifice hoping it will bring him closer to a normal relationship with Cathy. But when Victor is seriously wounded and Cathy finds herself attracted to another mortal with similar feelings for her, Cathy’s world turns upside down and she is forced to make a decision about her future with Victor, while his life hangs by a thread. What will Cathy decide, and how will their epic battle with Lu play out? Find out in the newest adventure-packed installment of the Cathy story!

Review:  Cathy the Insomniac is puddling around the house late at night when she hears faint noises coming from outside. After hiding out in the bathtub like a horror movie reject, she scouts the exterior and finds three dead bodies propped up like broken puppets beneath her window.

Cathy, her loyal friends, their family and Jewel have become extraordinarily popular by being added to a hit list. Cathy’s plan is to run away but that plan was zilched before it even began. The gang gets together to make a plan because the stakes are high and all their lives are on the line.

Without the first two books in this series, I’m sure I wouldn’t love this one as much as I do. I love this book! Perhaps it was a good thing that I decided to have a Cathy read-a-thon and had such a funky reaction to Cathy’s Key. The middle book is a good transition piece from being a journal-like adventure book to a more generic novel format. All the things that I didn’t really like in Cathy’s Key has been more than surpassed in Cathy’s Ring. The only thing missing in book 3 are paper objects to take out of the pocket & play with as I read the story. You do get a cute ring and very cool poster of Cathy & Victor.

Get the HARDBACK copies of this series! Really! This series cannot be translated to an ebook format that will be as fun and interactive.

The writing in Cathy’s Ring is great! I love the story, all the characters have a moment to shine, the action is brutally efficient, there are lots of creative fun doodles everywhere, a promise of happily ever and a conclusion that doesn’t tie all the knots but leaves me feeling very satisfied.


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