Ana’s Lady Angel & Wanton Temptress

When I finished reading Fifty Shades Darker, my mind was so full of the story elements that I had a creative moment and wrote a review from the viewpoints of Ana’s Angelic & Wanton sides. Here is the result!


“You need to give Christian a chance.”

With a disdainful sniff, a primly dressed young woman comes out from behind the couch and sits down before countering, “Anastasia has barely started her life. She just graduated college. She hasn’t fallen in love before or had sex—never mind kinky fuckery. How can you justify Christian Grey and his fifty shades of grey? He’s a control freak, arrogant beyond belief in his high-handed actions to protect Anastasia from dangers, overcompensating with his extravagant gifts, and a sadistic Dominant who needs to inflict pain on his submissive! He’s trying to make Anastasia into something she’s not!”

Hiding blue eyes lighting with laughter by ducking her head, the other woman bites her lower lip for moment before insisting, “Christian loves Ana! He’s changing his whole life to keep her by his side. For Ana, he’s given up the D/s contract, compromised mandates that define his life, is facing fears that once left him sleepless at night, and, most importantly, Christian shows how much he loves Ana by putting her first.”

“He’s trying to cover up for his massive flaws by showering Anastasia with first edition novels, a Mac book Pro, speedy Audi, a Blackberry, latest iPad and flights up in the sky in helicopters & gliding planes! Christian doesn’t know what love is. He only knows how to buy affection. He only understands pain. He thinks there has to be pain to have pleasure!”

“Give him a break! Christian’s never fallen in love before! Ana’s not the only one experiencing things for the first time. From the get go, he warned Ana that he’s no good for her and he was afraid of hurting her. He—“

“He DID hurt her! He knew his past would devastate her! He knew that his need to dispense pain would frighten her!”

“Be honest, they hurt each other. Christian has always been clear about where he stands and who he is. He may have withheld some important parts but he came clean about his past, his relationship with Mrs. Robinson and his biggest fear about Ana leaving him.

“Ana is the one who asked to experience a taste of the worst he could dish out. She’s the one who broke down and left him shattered. She’s the one who said goodbye and walked away. Christian is the one who bridged the heartache of her choice by sending Ana flowers and made it easy for her to see him again by offering her ride to Jose’s show.”

“You’re just stating how manipulative he can be. That’s not in his favor,” huffs the woman sitting stiffly on the couch.

Blue eyes roll at the stuffy woman. “Christian laid his heart bare to Ana. He told her that he couldn’t live without her. He accepted Ana and wants her in his life without the rules he imposed on all the other women in his life. The very thought of Ana leaving him again destroyed Christian’s control and he fell apart. He couldn’t deal and totally lost himself in his submissive role. The only way he knew how to deal with pain. Christian surrendered himself to Ana, the woman his loves.”

Silence consumes the women as they recall the devastating moment. Voice tight with emotion, the prim woman asks, “Do you really think that Anastasia will be happy with such a complicated, wounded man?”

The inner goddess pops up from her lounge, joins the prim woman on the couch and hugs her tight. “Yes.”

With a small smile and a growing blush, the cautious one whispers, “Christian is beautiful, isn’t he? He does consume Anastasia utterly with his stern voice, wicked hands, sensual banter, boundless compassion and kinky fuckery.”

“I’m partial to elevators and silver balls.” Blue eyes shine as a wicked smile beams across the inner goddess’ face.

“Dessert!” pops out from the prim one. Her face turns scarlet.

“Ben & Jerry’s and ANA!!!” they suddenly shout and proceed to laugh gleefully!

“You have to admit that Christian is a Master of Sexpertise,” giggles the inner goddess once their laughter calms down.

Giving in, the prim woman rolls her blue eyes. “Yeah, he is. Do you really believe that Christian loves Anastasia?”

“Yes. He truly loves Ana. He faced down Mrs. Robinson, fired Jack-the-Ass for sexually harassing Ana, was willing to give up the Red Room of Pain, shared his bed, let her meet Dr. Flynn, and asked Ana to touch him. Even the areas that are scarred by his past. Plus, he wants to make it official and proposed.”

“It was terribly sweet when he called Ray for her hand in marriage.”

The inner goddess grins as she quickly picks a song on the iPod and turns the volume up high. Beyonce’s Crazy in Love blasts out of the speakers. “Come on! Let’s DANCE!”


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