License to Ensorcell ~ Katharine Kerr

  • Title: License to Ensorcell
  • Author: Katharine Kerr
  • Series: Nola O’Grady #1
  • Genre: UF, Mystery
  • Format: ebook
  • Source: Own Copy
  • Reviewer: Soo
  • Rating: 2 out of 5

Description:  Psychic Agent Nola O’Grady isn’t sure returning to San Francisco, and living near her unusual family, is a good idea. Her job, with a psychic agency so obscure even the CIA doesn’t know it exists, can be perilous, and she’s afraid of the relatives getting involved.
Then the Agency saddles her with Israeli secret agent Ari Nathan, and she has a bigger problem on her hands, because tact and compromise are not Ari’s strong points. Their mission is to track down a serial killer obsessed with werewolves. He sees them everywhere and shoots whenever he thinks he has one in his sights. Ari assumes the man’s psychotic, but in truth he’s murdering actual werewolves. Nola should know. Her younger brother Pat, a lycanthrope, was the first victim. Can Nola’s psychic talents and Ari’s skill with guns keep them alive long enough to unravel the greater mystery behind the killings? Can they save the werewolves and the world while stopping Nola’s family from running headlong into danger?

Review:  2.75 Stars

Nola O’Grady is from a large family with peculiar quirks & talents. She works for a unnamed branch of the government that keeps an eye on Chaos and maintains Harmony in the US. Her latest assignment lands her back home in San Francisco, right in the midst of family love & squabbles and joining forces with Ari Nathan to track down a killer. A killer that may have also been the one to kill her brother Patrick, a werewolf.

I’ve had this book listed to read in my pile of books for a while and brought it up as a something to share in a Buddy read with a friend. When asked to pick a book between this one and another, I picked License to Ensorcell because it made me laugh with the very first line! I took that to be an excellent beginning. However, as I read the story, I found myself fighting to read the book. The premise has a lot of potential and the O’Gradys are fascinating group. The mystery or the family should have been the driving force but it’s not.

The setting takes place in San Francisco but I’m constantly thrown into a loop by Nola’s speech. She sounds like a Brit half the time. The slang in the story doesn’t vibe with being in the States. Too much of the story takes place inside Nola’s mind as she worries in a vague manner about the case and her family.

I’m much more fascinated by Michael, the seventh child of a seventh child and the youngest of the O’Grady clan. Kerr’s short “observation” about Michael’s potential of becoming a stark, hard man of intelligence, honor and outsider intrigued my interest more than the whole book.

I think I need to give the series another chance and read the next book. I’ll take a while before I come back to this series. What a disheartening way to react to an author that I love! I’ve been reading Kerr’s work for a good chunk of my life. It’s odd to dislike something she’s written.

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