Admit One ~ Jenna Hilary Sinclair

  • Title: Admit One
  • Author: Jenna Hilary Sinclair
  • Genre: Gay Romance, Erotica
  • Format: eBook
  • Source: Own Copy
  • Reviewed by: Soo
  • Rating: 3 out of 5

Description:  When high school teacher Tom Smith meets Kevin Bannerman at a gay club, he violates his own rule: one-night stands only. But when the weekend is over, he walks away, reminding himself that he lives a deeply closeted life for painful, compelling reasons. He keeps his secrets, his heart, and the cause of his crippled arm to himself, but almost immediately he bitterly regrets leaving Kevin. Months later, while Tom serves as reluctant assistant director for his school’s production of Rent, he fears that the show’s same-sex love angle will somehow out him. Protests against the play begin, one of the student actors is harassed, and during a parents’ meeting, Tom encounters Kevin again. This time Tom can’t fight the attraction between them, and he and Kevin begin a tentative relationship. Within Rent’s message of acceptance and support, and as local churches oppose the play, Tom struggles to find the strength to admit one man into his heart.

Review:   It’s a story about accepting yourself and being brave enough to be who are regardless of the strife that may arise. A gay man learns to love again and not to hide who he is. Personally, as long as the sexual preference isn’t harmful to others (ie child molesters), I don’t see why it would matter if a teacher is homosexual or not. That one factor doesn’t determine whether or not you can be a good teacher. I don’t read a lot of contemporary, TV drama like literature. It doesn’t cross my radar very often. I’m always more likely to run to the next Fantasy, Sci-fi or shocking romance. However, my book reading goes all over the place, and I’m happy that this book came into my view. It was different and it was cool to read about a man’s struggles to be who he is. The book isn’t about sex. It’s about being human and scared. It’s about a man who is afraid of himself, let alone love. I liked it! Maybe you will too.


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