The Wizard Test ~ Hilari Bell

  • Title: The Wizard Test
  • Author: Hilari Bell
  • Genre: Fantasy, YA
  • Format: eBook
  • Source: Author
  • Reviewed by: Soo
  • Rating: 4 out of 5

Description:  Dayven has passed the test he wanted most desperately to fail – he’s been proven to have the powers of a wizard. He always swore he would never become one of the deceitful, disloyal sorcerers who alter people’s true destinies, but now it seems he has no choice. The path that was once clear – his friendships, his future, his destiny – is now shadowed with dangerous twists and turns, and the world he knows must change forever.

Review:  Dayven’s destiny has always been clear. He will work hard to become a Guardian and fight to defend his people with his best friend and cousin, Soren. To overcome the stigma of his family’s past, Dayven works extra hard to become the best warrior and to vehemently deny anything with magic. Wizards cannot be trusted for they change the course of a man’s destiny. A true man lives his life with honor and strives to meet his destiny head on. Everything changes the day Dayven takes the Wizard Test and he passes it.

You become a Wizard when you can see more than four sides.

You become a Wizard when you change a man’s destiny.

I loved reading the story! It’s a tale about a boy who is on the cusp of becoming a man. He ends up having to question everything he has ever believed in and winnow out the truth. Except the truth isn’t clean cut and doing what’s right has never been as hard.

Reddick! I wish there was a story written just for Reddick. He appears to be a useless slush that staggers around from one form of trouble to another but he’s a true wizard who hides in plain sight.

The world of the Tharns and Cenzars is rich and vivid. With a few stroke of the pen, Hilari Bell creates a world and characters that I can easily envision. It was easy to fall into the world & Dayven’s life. My favorite part is the way Wizards see everything around them. Many times, I’ve felt sad by being able to see more of my surroundings & the people in my life. Yet, being observant & open also gives me the ability to thrill in details we gloss over in life. The Wizards face a similar dilemma and joy as their powers unfold. It’s very cool!

I enjoyed reading the story very much and hope to run into the characters in other books. Maybe it’ll happen!


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