Book Review Sites ~ SSV’s 100th Post

cropped-asian-art-thinkstock.jpg   Welcome to Silk Screen View’s 100th Blog Post!  

For the 100th blog post, I thought it would be fun to get to know other Book Review sites. I started Silk Screen Views because I love to read, and I wanted to share that love in a wider audience. There are tons of book lovers out there with the same idea! In the past week, I’ve been in touch with a handful of sites and got a “behind the scenes” look into the people that make each site. Anyone can read the About page to get an idea about the site but you don’t necessarily get a look into who created it or look into the people who work on it. While it’s the love of books that unite us, each reader is different and we all have a different slant on things to share. Get to know some of the review bloggers and see what they’re like!


Claire’s blog has been around since 2011! It was a year of many beginnings for Claire as she started surfing the net for more than shopping. Her love of books lead her to Goodreads. There she was able to share her love of books with others and began writing reviews of books she enjoyed. Inspired by friends, Claire started a blog to keep a note of what she’s read and thought. Now, she has a fun blog that features Author Interviews, Giveaways, participates in Blog Tours and reviews.

Spot of Awesome:  “I enjoy meeting new people online but the coolest thing that has happened at my blog is a combined character/author interview I did with author Aleatha Romig and her character Anthony Rawlings. It was a fun and creative thing to do and I hope Aleatha’s fans enjoyed it too. I like to think of it as a DVD extra.”

Fun Fact:  “I do a wicked version of Loving You by Minnie Riperton and yes I can hit those high notes.”

Here is a link to the song Claire mentioned:  Loving you by Minnie Riperton

Genres:  Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance and Erotica


Yasmeen, better known as Yaz, started her book review blog in the later part of 2011. She’s been hooked on reading since she read Wuthering Heights and fascinated by all things that go bump in the night ever since! Yaz enjoys a story that slowly builds tension through lively banter and speedy action that may have comical aftereffects. Romance stories are great as long as the characters don’t fall in love due to having sex within 24 hours of meeting one another. She believes, “Love shouldn’t make you lose your identity or the toughness you have to start with.”

Spot of Awesome:  Yasmeen and Claire created a book group on Goodreads called Girls, Guns & Grimoires! It’s a discussion group that focuses on Fantasy, Urban Fiction, Paranormal Romance and Science Fiction books.

Fun Fact:  Yaz is a book ninja! Her ability was developed as her love of books became stronger. It’s hard to resist a good bargain on books! Her creative adventures in book buying leaves no trace because she is the BOOK NINJA!

Here is a link to the book group:  Girls, Guns & Grimoires on Goodreads

Genres:  Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance


Here is a blog made up by two sisters, Sunny and Susan! After countless discussions about books throughout 2012, the sisters decided to start a blog to share their reviews. Why not? Just in 2012, Sunny read over 320 books and Susan read over 200. That’s a lot of books! They believe that reviews help Authors and Readers alike. There’s a ton of books out there to buy and it’s not easy to buy every book. By creating their blog and sharing their views, the sisters hope to help promote authors that they admire and help fellow readers to figure out if a book is right for them or not. Their blog features book reviews and a few Author Interviews & Blog Tours.

Spot of Awesome:  Outside of getting a chance to meet authors they like, Sunny really enjoys Tag-Team reviews with her sister. Their perspectives are different and it’s cool to learn new things due to those differences.

Fun Fact:  Sunny has been on the contestants row on the Price is Right.

Genres:  Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Romance and M/M


  1. Darynda Jones Blog Tour for Death, Doom & Detention (Event is Currently Live until 3/8/13)
  2. Coming end of March: Elizabeth Naughton’s Blog Tour


The founder of BBB, Rachel Smith started the site in 2008 as a hobby and it quickly grew into an entity of it’s own! As requests of all kinds came in, Rachel made a call out for more reviewers. BBB has had almost 50 reviewers working on the site at one time and several of the original reviewers are still there today. Over 6,300 posts have been made on BBB and about 4,000 of them are book reviews. Bitten by Books is a “original paranormal review site with bite” and take pride in providing honest reviews on all types of Paranormal Fiction, Urban Fantasy and Horror. The heart of BBB are the readers, reviewers and authors. It’s well known for interactive events that gives authors and readers a chance to communicate. Rachel enjoys being able to provide a place and function that gives people a chance at making a deeper connection. BBB is well known for the events featuring Author Interviews, Giveaways, Blog Tours, Contests and reviews.

Spot of Awesome:  “The coolest thing is getting to have NY Times best selling authors like Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison or Jim Butcher on the site. It is a fangirl’s dream come true! One of the funnest people who come to the site is Amber Benson who played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All kinds of neat people come to the site and I get to talk to them behind the scenes and get to know a little about them on a personal level. It is really humbling to have that experience each and every day.”

Fun Fact:  “I was lucky enough to be asked to speak on several panels last year at FandomFest in Louisville, KY. Where I got to meet one of my reviewers for the first time, which was awesome! I also had the honor of meeting authors Angie Fox, Delilah Dawson, James R. Tuck, Stephen Zimmerman, Julie Kagawa, Jim C. Hines, Robin Hobb and several other well known authors and bloggers. We had an amazing time. I *almost* got to meet James Marsters *swoon* but somehow my SON ended up getting his picture taken with him while I was in a panel! I was cheated I tell you! What a weekend to remember. If you ever get a chance to speak or go to a convention. Do it!!”

Genres:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Horror and some Sci-Fi

Promotion:  BBB has events every week! Check out their homepage to see what’s going on. This week features authors: Marline Perez, Viola Ryan and Alexis Morgan.


Nika started the blog because she wanted to share her opinion on books and help people to find out about genres of books that they may never have heard about before. She used to read only Horror, Mystery and Thriller stories until a cousin introduced her to Laurell K. Hamilton and the world of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.  Nika invited her friend Ezi to join her on OMS. Ezi is a wife and mother that loves to escape into a good story that fires up her imagination. They write reviews to share their love of books with other like minded folk. These two friends also created a Goodreads discussion group of the same name. Nika and Ezi love interacting with other readers and writers about a wide variety of books and learning something new in the process.

Spot of Awesome:  Ezi and Nika enjoy reading the same book and sharing what they think about it. Their tastes in books are very different, and they enjoy having a partner in crime that pushes the other outside of their comfort zone.

Fun Fact:  Nika’s Mom introduced her to Stephen King’s stories when she was around two years old. That’s when she also saw her first horror movie and became obsessed with Nightmare on Elm Street.

Genres:  Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Horror, Mystery and Thrillers


Jeann began a blog to establish an online presence. When she reads a book she gets “heaps of thoughts” and she would share them on Goodreads. It made sense to start up a blog and share her thoughts with the world. Happy Indulgence is a reflection of Jeann. Someone who is “fun, girly, thoughtful and passionate about games, books and writing.” It’s a secret! Jeann likes to hoard things that she loves. That’s what Happy Indulgence stands for!

Spot of Awesome:  Jeann loves seeing what followers think and say about her posts on her blog. She enjoys seeing a visual connection between writing something, making it go live and receiving an active response.

Fun Fact:  “I am a big part of the MMGN community, an Australian gaming and entertainment network. I write freelance game reviews and articles for the site. My preferred platform is PC games and I enjoy a range of genres including FPS, Adventure/point & click, RPGs, Casual, RTS and more.”

Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Fantasy


VampireNovelFan started her journey into the world of review blogging when she bought a Kindle. With easier access to books, her love for reading renewed and the time she spent reading skyrocketed! In 2011, she started a blog to share her opinion of what she considers the best of the best. “I’m a major influencer when it comes to word of mouth, as people trust my taste for quality. Word of mouth and word of mouse are what I am all about.” What started as a place to share her love of vampires has grown into a review site that covers Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

Spot of Awesome:  “Thanks to my blog I’ve been able to read ARCs, interview authors, and really get to know them on another level. I’ve gained a lot of followers too and it’s nice to get to know them as well. Some are fellow bloggers and I love that we can support one another. Our common interest brings us together.”

Fun Fact:  “I am a pretty devoted cosplayer. I love going to San Diego Comic Con with one of my best friends and dressing up to show off our work. She’s usually the mastermind behind any collabs that we do. Stay tuned for our appearance later this summer!”

Genres: Paranormal and Urban Fantasy


I met Angela on Goodreads because I enjoyed a review she wrote. I looked up her other reviews, enjoyed reading them and decided to get to know her better. She’s lucky! She’s married to the love her life, has children and runs a small business. In her busy life, she feeds her love of books by reading whenever she can. Angela is one of the reviewers for Fiction Vixen. FV was founded in 2009 by Sophia because she wanted a place to discuss romance novels. Since then, it has grown into a bustling site with a handful of reviewers, Author Interviews, Giveaways and more. Check out FV to find out what they’re up to! There’s something different every day.

Spot of Awesome:  “The best part of blogging is reaching out to readers. I just started reviewing full time at Fiction Vixen last summer and am thankful every day that I get to have awesome, lively discussions with all the fantastic ladies there. They have welcomed me with open arms and happen to be some of the funniest, smartest, most insightful women I’ve ever met.”

Fun Fact:  “I think the thing that has surprised me the most is how my own reading choices have expanded through review requests and reader recommendations. There are books I would have never picked up before that have turned out to be some of my favorites… Sins and Needles by Karina Halle for one and Painted Faces by LH Cosway for another. When I find something unique and special I’m not afraid to shout out to everyone that they must include on their TBR list. The cool thing is, now people even listen to me.”

Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, GLBT, Western, YA and Romance: Contemporary, Erotica, Historical, Paranormal, Suspense


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