March 7th, 2013 News & Update

Hi, gang! It’s been one week since Silk Screen Views went live and a lot has happened! Find out what’s going on and some of what SSV has planned for you.

  1. Two Great Reviewers Join SSV
  2. Silk Screen View’s Gazette is Born!
  3. 100th Blog Post: A Handful of Book Review Sites
  4. Review Directory is now LIVE
  5. News on 100th Review Celebration

Two Great Reviewers Join SSV:  Say Hello!

Darth Val and Snarktastic Sonja have joined the SSV ranks with their great personalities and creative minds. They will be sharing their love of books and posting reviews on the many stories they enjoy reading. You can find my co-conspirators on Goodreads or contact us by emailing silkscreenviews at or by leaving a comment on the Nexus page.

Silk Screen View’s Gazette is Born!

With the rapid growth and adventures of SSV, we decided to establish the SSV Gazette! At the Gazette, you will find interesting articles, author interviews, book releases, promotions and other fun book related events and information.

100th Blog Post: A Handful of Book Review Sites

The first post in SSV’s Gazette and the 100th post made on the site. The article will be about some book review sites and a small look behind the scenes into the people that make it happen.

Review Directory is now LIVE!

There are numerous ways to find out what kind of book reviews are on the site but I thought I would go a step further and make a directory. Now you can go to the Review Directory and easily browse down the list to see what you can find here on SSV. You can also use the search bar to look for a book by author, title or series name. Maybe you don’t have a certain book in mind and you can see what we have to offer by clicking on one of the categories on the Book Review menu or the Category List on the right column.

News on 100th Review Celebration

Guess what’s coming up? Pretty soon, we’ll be making our 100th Review Post and we have a treat in store for you. We’re starting an Author + Book Review Series. We’ll be making a dual post of an author interview and a book review. To kick of the series, Keri Lake, the author of Soul Revenged, will be joining us here at SSV with surprise guests for an interview. We will release a review of Soul Revenged and the Author Interview at the same time. Stay tuned to find out when.

If you’re a fan and you have any questions you would like SSV to ask Keri Lake, please email us or use the comment form on the Nexus. We welcome your suggestions! Be sure to come back and join the fun! As soon as we know the release date of the 100th Review + Author Interview, we’ll let you all know.


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