Top 10 Reasons I Have a Girl Crush on Felicia Day

My inner geek runs pretty fierce, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have a TOTAL girl crush on Felicia Day, so I thought this would make a great Top 10 list. If you follow this blog, I suspect your inner geek can relate.

10.  Buffy – Felicia was part of the Buffyverse. ‘Nuff said.

9.  She gets around. No, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter. Felicia attends a lot of cons. Yet another way that she is accessible to her fan base.

8.  Felicia is approachable to fans. In fact, she is a master maven of using social media to engage and interact with her fans through multiple channels. She doesn’t just push information out, she actually responds. I often find myself trying to think of something clever to post in the hope that she will post back. Wait, does that make me a stalker?

7.  The Guild – the series is brilliant. I think I want to be Codex for Halloween. I wonder how many people will get it. The cool kids will, anyway.

6.  She is a smoking hot ginger. You can never have too many hot gingers!

5.  VF Hangout – whether I like the book or not, their Google Hangout discussions are hysterical. Plus, these ladies have inspired me to read books I might not otherwise have tried.

4.  The Flog – this is a great way to enjoy her unique sense of humor. Plus I really respect that Felicia is not afraid to put herself in new and random situations such as learning archery and swing dancing.

3.  Geek & Sundry – she has created a mega-awesome online channel producing content for geeks? Who WOULDN’T love that????

2.  She is a gamer girl. I am only a gamer-light girl and I face a lot of mockage from my non-geek pals. Now, I can be like, “Oh yeah? Well Felicia Day is a TOTAL gamer, and she is mega-cool. Top that!”

1.  Felicia is a geek girl, too. Young geek girls need solid role models like Ms. Day.

So, SSV friends, if you have been living under a rock (not that there is anything wrong with that) and are thinking, “Who the heck is Felicia Day?” get clicking on this handy link and check her out.

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