Stories with Wit, Humor, Sarcasm or Clever Folk

Our very own Sonja has been on a search for authors who write stories of wit, humor, sarcasm, clever folk or a mix of them all. It’s been a hard and frustrating process that has lead her all over the place and into trying out stories that she may not have read otherwise. Having a decent idea of what she is looking for, I went on a round of discoveries and have compiled this list of authors. I’m sure I didn’t add everyone who could be on this list.

Keep in min74444_SMJPG_0CE324831N091161Gd, I held Sonja’s current reading mood in mind when I put the authors together. She wants a story that pulls her in, maybe laugh, have a puzzle or intricate characters, perhaps a touch of romance, but most definitely a well drawn character that’s clever or witty. Perhaps they’re as snarky as Sonja! She’s not looking for horribly dark stories, depressing woes or disasters that take place in a world close to our day to day lives. She wants a story she can bite into and chortle out loud because of what’s happening. Hey, I think it’s TOTALLY funny when the bad guy gets his balls kicked. Timing, after all, is everything. 😉

If you have an idea, post a comment with the author, title and why you think it fits in this category.

  1. Alan Dean Foster
  2. Ally Carter
  3. Andre Norton
  4. Celia Jerome
  5. Christopher Moore
  6. Christopher Stasheff
  7. Dawn Cook
  8. Eve Forward
  9. Gail Carriger
  10. Ilona Andrews
  11. Jasper Fforde
  12. Jeaniene Frost
  13. Jennifer Rardin
  14. Jim C. Hine
  15. John Moore
  16. John G. Hartness
  17. Kelley Armstrong
  18. Kevin Hearne
  19. Kim Harrison
  20. Jim Butcher
  21. Lisa Shearin
  22. Lois McMaster Bujold
  23. Mark Miller
  24. Martin Scott
  25. Mercedes Lackey
  26. Michael Pryor
  27. Michael R. Underwood
  28. Neil Gaiman
  29. Patrick Rothfuss
  30. Patricia Briggs
  31. Peter David
  32. Rachel Aaron
  33. Robert Lynn Aspirin
  34. Simon Green
  35. Spider Robinson
  36. Steven Brust
  37. Tom Holt

4 thoughts on “Stories with Wit, Humor, Sarcasm or Clever Folk

  1. Awesome names! We all know that Ms. Shearin is my hero. Followed very closely by Ms. Briggs. Who doesn’t fit into this category because her story is UF. I still love her. 🙂

    I am trying to get into some of these other authors, but someone keeps cracking the whip about book reviews . . .

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