TV Shows

List of TV Shows

Have you seen it? Do you remember that show? Take a look at this list! You may be inspired to check out a show you haven’t seen or re-watch one that you love!

The shows are a mix of Action, Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi.

(Suggestions are welcome! Make a comment on the post.)


  1. 24
  2. 666 Park Avenue
  3. 90210 (Original)
  4. A-Team
  5. Alf
  6. Alias
  7. Alien Nation
  8. Alphas
  9. American Horror Story
  10. Americans
  11. Angel
  12. Arrow
  13. Awake
  14. Babylon 5
  15. Battlestar Galatica
  16. Beauty and the Beast 2012
  17. Beauty and the Beast Original
  18. Being Human (UK)
  19. Being Human (US)
  20. Big Bang Theory
  21. Boardwalk Empire
  22. Bones
  23. Breakout Kings
  24. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  25. Burn Notice
  26. Caprica
  27. Carnival
  28. Castle
  29. Chicago Code
  30. Chuck
  31. Continuum
  32. Coupling (UK)
  33. Covert Affairs
  34. Criminal Minds
  35. CSI
  36. Dance Academy
  37. Dark Angel
  38. Dark Shadows
  39. Daybreak
  40. Dead Like Me
  41. Dead Zone
  42. Deadwood
  43. Desparate Housewives
  44. Dexter
  45. Doctor Who
  46. Dollhouse
  47. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along
  48. Dresden Files
  49. Early Edition
  50. Earth: Final Conflict
  51. Earth2
  52. Earthsea
  53. Elementary
  54. Elventh Hour
  55. Eureka
  56. Falling Skies
  57. Firefly
  58. Flash Forward
  59. Flashpoint
  60. Frasier
  61. Friends
  62. Fringe
  63. Game of Thrones
  64. Ghost Whisperer
  65. Gilmore Girls
  66. Glee
  67. Gossip Girl
  68. Grey’s Anatomy
  69. Grimm
  70. Harper’s Island
  71. Hart of Dixie
  72. Haven
  73. Hell on Wheels
  74. Hercules
  75. Heros
  76. Highlander
  77. Homeland
  78. In Plain Sight
  79. Instant Star
  80. IT Crowd
  81. Jane by Design
  82. Jeremiah
  83. Jericho
  84. John Doe
  85. Justified
  86. Knight Rider (Original)
  87. Kyle XY
  88. Legend of the Seeker
  89. Leverage
  90. Lie to Me
  91. Lost
  92. Luthor
  93. MacGyver
  94. Mad Men
  95. Make it or Break It
  96. Married with Children
  97. Medium
  98. Melrose Place
  99. Merlin
  100. Misfits
  101. Missing
  102. Monk
  103. NCIS
  104. Newsroom
  105. Nikita (Original Series)
  106. Numb3rs
  107. Once Upon A Time
  108. Outcasts
  109. Outer Limits
  110. Pan Am
  111. Parks and Recreation
  112. Perception
  113. Person of Interest
  114. Persons Unknown
  115. Pretender
  116. Primeval
  117. Prison Break
  118. Psych
  119. Revenge
  120. Revolution
  121. Ringer
  122. River
  123. Roswell
  124. Rubicon
  125. Sanctuary
  126. Saving Grace
  127. Seaquest
  128. Seinfield
  129. Seven Days
  130. Sherlock (UK)
  131. Sliders
  132. Smallville
  133. Sons of Anarchy
  134. Spartacus
  135. Star Trek
  136. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  137. Star Trek: Next Generation
  138. Stargate
  139. Stargate Universe
  140. Supernatural
  141. Surface
  142. Teen Wolf
  143. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
  144. Terra Nova
  145. The 4400
  146. The Big Bang Theory
  147. The Cape
  148. The Charmed
  149. The Closer
  150. The Event
  151. The Event
  152. The Guardian
  153. The Guild
  154. The Killing
  155. The Mentalist
  156. The Secret Circle
  157. The Tudors
  158. Threshold
  159. Torchwood
  160. Touch
  161. True Blood
  162. Twilight Zone
  163. Twin Peaks
  164. Ugly Betty
  165. Unforgettable
  166. V
  167. Vampire Diaries
  168. Veronica Mars
  169. VR5
  170. Walking Dead
  171. Warehouse 13
  172. West Wing
  173. White Collar
  174. Without a Trace
  175. X-Files
  176. Xena: Warrior Princess
  177. XIII


24 thoughts on “TV Shows

  1. So many good shows, some favs, some in my Netflix Queue for when I get my hands on a time-turner.

    I am just going to throw this out there, I was totally Team Spike. Angel was just way too Broody McBroodster for me. It might have been different if I had gotten involved with the series from the start, but it was a busy time for me and TV did not factor in.

  2. So many good shows on there! The sad thing is it reminds me that if I like a show it has a good chance of being cancelled. I’m a curse upon new shows! I was totally digging that new show Zero Hour on ABC and… yeah.. gone after like 3 episodes. Maybe I just have bad taste…

  3. I absolutely LOVE Elementary! I love Sherlock Holmes movies anyways, so when Elementary came out I couldn’t help but like it. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the modern twist but I found it to be refreshing. I’m also a fan of Revolution, it got slow there for a couple of episodes but then it picked back up for me. Now I can’t wait for it to start up again.

    I’ve not watched Persons of Interest. If it’s one of your favorites, I’ll stay away from it so it doesn’t get cancelled =)

    • Person of Interest is really good! You should watch it. More viewers mean it’ll stick around longer. Lots of interwoven plot lines, great actors, John’s awesome fighter and the programmer genius is a scary geek. =)

      I enjoy Elementary but I feel like it’s a little dumbed down from the UK version or US movies. Plus, someone should be stabbed if Sherlock and Watson end up together. The show became more clever and less hand-holdy towards the end of the current episodes. Yay!

  4. I agree with the “dumbed down” comment. I’d like to see more clever plot twists. They deliver from time to time on the twists but not always. And the day that Sherlock and Watson end up hooking up will be my last episode. I have faith in the writers and producers that they will NOT go down that path, but in this day and age who knows.

    I’ll give Persons of Interest a go. I’m always up for a new show. On a different note, I’m not sure if you all watched and/or enjoyed Firefly but there is a lot of buzz on my extensive ‘Geek Network’ that it might be coming back. As you can probably guess, I’m a BIG fan! For me that would put me on the giddiness level of the release of the Hobbit.

  5. I know there have been some podcasts lately with Nathan Fillion where he talks about how he is trying to purchase FireFly from Joss Whedon so he can continue the series. There is apparently a website set up to raise money for the purchase but I’m yet to find it. I’d so put a ten spot down on purchasing FireFly!

    • I snooped and the only thing I found is about Nathan saying he would bring back Firefly if he could buy it. There was a movement towards making that happen by fans and it was crashed down when Joss denied any affiliation to the attempt. Pretty sure Firefly’s not coming back. If it does come back, it has to come back with a fresh face. I would be interested in a new Firefly though!

  6. So… you just cut the tiny thread of hope I was hanging onto.. *sigh* I’ll admit, I have my Firefly blinders on. I tend to run with the good stuff and ignore the statements that actually come from someone who has a say in it.

    Honestly, I’ll take anything at this point that doesn’t involve washed up celebs dancing.

  7. If you want a change up to that vision, you can always watch the beginning of Pitch Perfect. That one has SINGING and somewhat lame dancing. However, the opening will amuse you. Maybe the whole may amuse you. Think along the lines of Empire Records.

  8. Ha! I’ll make sure to check it out for the chuckles. I can handle some lame dancing from time to time.

    I would be curious to know if you happened to have watched The River when it ran last year? I actually enjoyed that show but I’ve talked to so many that didn’t, so I’m starting to doubt my own taste in shows. Thoughts?

  9. Yeah, I picked up on that =)

    The River originally filmed 8 episodes for it’s first season and they showed all eight but I don’t think they picked up it for the next season. Probably because I liked it. Steven Spielberg had his hands in it and so did the person who created the Paranormal Activity movies. The whole show is filmed from the point of view of a couple of camera men that joined the search for the missing documentary filmmaker.

    The show is kind of a mix between fantasy and horror. There is a famous nature show filmmaker who travels the world filming his show. He is on an trip deep in the amazon basin and discovers a “magic” that controls nature and becomes obsessed with finding it’s source. He then goes missing along with his entire crew. His family thinks he’s dead and then one day like 6 months later his rescue beacon comes on. His wife and son put together a team to go look for him and that’s when things get crazy. They are based off a boat and the further they get down the amazon river and it’s tributaries the crazier things get. They find more and more clues as to the whereabouts of the guy. So in review. The show had natives, demons, zombies, and lots of other little subplots.

  10. Is it filmed like a person holding a camera? If it’s like that, I have no interest in watching it. The blurb sounds like fun & totally like something I would watch but I really dislike the movies and shows that are done in “reality” style.

  11. Yeah, it’s not as extreme as say Blair witch was, but it is filmed from that angle. I’m not a big fan of that type of filming either but this wasn’t that bad. The whole “paranormal activity” thing comes from the fact that they set up cameras all over the outside of the boat and they do the time lapsed thing where you’ll see crazy stuff flash by. I don’t know, that probably makes no sense, I’m terrible at explaining that type of thing haha.

    I’ll check Netflix when I get home tonight and see if they have it. If so I would recommend watching at least an episode.

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