March 13th, 2013 News & Update

Hello, world! Silk Screen Views has been up for a few weeks and a lot has happened! Here’s a review of what’s happened on the site and a sneak peek at what’s coming up.

List of YAYS!

Celebrate our 100th Review Posting!

Enter the Contest to Win a Signed Copy of Soul Avenged!

Look at the Giveaway Contest and enter to win. The contest winner will be chosen and announced on Saturday, March 16th, 2013.


Silk Screen Views is growing as ideas burst into life and fires up our inspiration! We’ve created new sections to the site to expand our wings and share our thoughts and news. Here’s a full list of them and what they’re about.

SSV is growing at a decent clip and there’s enough content that it could be hard to find stuff without a little help. To help navigate the site, we’ve made a Review Directory and Site Map. You can also use the Search Bar. We certainly do!

  • Review Directory:   An alphabetical listing of the books SSV reviewed.
  • Site Map:   Find via Nexus – A map of SSV & it’s sub-links.


SSV’s 1st Voting Poll:  Help us pick out the name for our up & coming section about authors and writing. We had a tie between us about what name to use. You can help break it by showing us what you like. Go on, Pick a Name. Voting closes on 03/14 and a winner will be announced.

Michael J. Sullivan has started a Kickstarter to help fund his next independent release. Take a look at our Promo for Hollow World and see if you would like to jump on board too.


Silk Screen Views Wants YOU!


  1. Silk Screen Views is open to Author Review Requests. Please check out SSV’s Review Policy.
  2. SSV is looking to host/post/re-post interesting articles about writing that you have written. If you would like to share your articles here on SSV, please email Silk Screen Views or fill out the Contact form on the Nexus.

Bloggers – Reviewers – Authors: 

SSV embraces vibrant, unique perspectives and diversity. We are looking for people to write thought provoking, emotion raging articles in our Rambling and Rampage sections. If you have something uniquely you to share and interested in joining SSV’s adventures, please email Silk Screen Views or fill out the Contact form on the Nexus.



SSV started the Author Interview & Review series to celebrate our 100th Book Review post and to start adventures that will let readers get a closer look into the authors and stories we consume readily. We aim to bring you entertaining, candid interviews with the author and a unique perspective on the book. Curious about what other authors are coming up in SSV’s AI&R series? Take a look! Please note that the authors are not listed in any particular order.

In the Gazette, we’ll be adding a new dimension! There are a lot of writers working hard to bring new stories for readers to read. The new section of the Gazette will host articles of prose and else that writers have about being an author, working in the field, trials and more. Look for it! Thomas A. Knight will be the first of many authors SSV will host.


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