Soul Avenged Giveaway Contest Rules

Keri About-Photo-464x390Hello, everyone! SSV is happy to celebrate our 100th Review Post by starting an exciting new Author Interview & Review series! We’re happy to announce that Keri Lake will be the first author in AI&R and starting it off with a blast! On Monday, 03/11/2013, we will publish Keri’s interview and start the Giveaway Contest. Never fear, you have until Midnight on Friday to enter the contest.

What’s the contest?

Have you met two of the main characters from Soul Avenged?

Ayden is the fierce Alexi warrior woman who is driven by her desire for revenge. To fill her need for vengeance, she hunts down and kills Lycans. Shapeshifters that marked her and changed her life forever.

Kane Walker is a compassionate man who spent all his time working as the director of a Children’s Cancer Institute. It all changed the moment he’s attacked by werewolves. Now a victim of an attack, Kane faces agonizing changes as he transforms from a human into a Lycan. It doesn’t help that he ends up being held captive by Ayden.

CONTEST ~ What actor and actress would be the best to portray Ayden and Kane in a movie?

Get your answers ready and post it on Keri Lake’s interview!

Are you new to the Sons of Wrath series? Are you unfamiliar with Ayden and Kane? Read the interview with Keri Lake and the book review for Soul Avenged. You’ll gain an idea for the characters and a curiously growing need to read the book! Need a taste right now? Read an excerpt of the book by clicking on this link: Soul Avenged Excerpt

Join the fun! Enter SSV’s very 1st Giveaway Contest for Keri Lake’s Soul Avenged!

ANYONE can enter! This is an International Giveaway!

  • Giveaway Starts: Monday, 03/11/2013
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday Night, Midnight
  • Winner Announcement: Saturday, 03/16/2013

What’s the prize?

A signed paperback of Keri Lake’s book: Soul Avenged!


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  2. Read Keri Lake’s Interview
  3. Post a Comment on the Interview with the Following:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Contest Answers
  • A note to Keri or SSV.
  1. Enjoy the Interview & Book Review!
  2. Thank you for joining us!


6 thoughts on “Soul Avenged Giveaway Contest Rules

  1. Awesomesauce. Yes, I actually did just write that. Great book, excellent author, super start to the Author Interviews, Soo.

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