Delta Rae’s Bottom of the River

I’m lucky to have grown up in two different countries and a mix of cultures that exposed me to a variety of things while growing up. I love learning and it’s taken me onto interesting journeys on meandering paths. On my mother’s side, I have more than my fair share of the family traits! One of those is being able to sing and not being god awful at it.

A good friend of mine that I fondly call Sparkles, (He really does deserve this nickname even if I’m the only one who calls him that!) recommended that I listen to the song Bottom of the River by Delta Rae. I love it! It’s one of my favorite songs to listen to and the video is great! What’s not to like about a song that tells a story?

This is the song I want to sing at an Open Mic in my neighborhood. A few of us will try to perform it acapella and have lots of ridiculous fun while doing it! If the gang end up being gutless wonders, I’ll do it solo. Or maybe I’ll partner up with Izzy and sing while she plays the piano. Adventures are what makes life fun!

Watch the video! It’s rather awesome! Kudos to Delta Rae~

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