Girls, Guns & Grimoires – Banner Vote

One of the first discussion groups I joined on Goodreads is Girls, Guns, & Grimoires. A place to drop in and talk about Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy books! I won’t lie–I liked the group profile picture and the genres are right up  my alley. I joined up and it became my favorite group on GR. It’s not as huge and popular as Sword & Laser or as hilarious as Vaginal Fantasy Hangout, but it is a place that I had the most fun posting and discussing books because I was able to have real conversations there and make several new friends in the process. The other members read a wide variety of books (which I added to my TBR vault) and they’re open to discussing a variety of topics with candor, excitement and their unique perspectives.
My all time favorite challenge is at GG&G! It’s the Recommends Buddy challenge. The challenge pushes me to try out books that I’ve never tried, entices me with new explorations and gives me a chance to have one on one conversations about the books we’ve chosen for the challenge.

This year, I’ve become one of the moderators for the group. Boy was I excited to get THAT email! Haha! Want to see one my handiworks in progress at the group? Sure you do!

~ GG&G’s first Banner Contest ~

Here are the final entries. Which one do YOU think should win?


1st Entry: Claire -Mrs. Basarab-

2nd Entry: Yaz -Book Ninja-

3rd Entry: Lannister -Vampire Queen-

4th Entry: Soo -The Instigator-


Come check out Girls, Guns & Grimoires group on Goodreads! Vote on the banner of your choice! You can see what other mischief I get myself into. I mean, what interesting discussions I start or participate in the group. anime girl using laptop thinking


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