Winner of Soul Avenged Giveaway Contest

Alright ladies and gents, we have a winner for our first Giveaway Contest!
To win a signed copy of Keri Lake‘s book Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath #1), you had to answer the following question:

What actor/actress would best portray Ayden and Kane on film?


~ Angela ~

For Ayden:  Kate Beckinsale

For Kane:  Channing Tatum


4 thoughts on “Winner of Soul Avenged Giveaway Contest

  1. Congrats Angela.
    i hope you will enjoy this book
    i must admit i’m really disappointed now because i hoped to get a copy so so much and now i must renounce to read this series so i’m sad but i’m glad Angela will have it since she understood the character so well

    • Can you buy the book from Amazon or Smashwords? There may be more ways for you to get it but I know about those two places.

      SSV will have more Giveaways coming up. You should definitely try again next time. =)

  2. Hello Soo, I am checking in with you. Yay, *jumping up and down * I actuallly won a book, a book that sounds interesting to, I can’t believe it. Thank you and I need to thank Keri to.

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