Duck Blood Soup: Races and Character Glossary


Human – Can be divided in to ordinary people and wizards. Wizards can cast spells but if they try to do too much will weaken and possibly die.
Sangres – Live by drinking blood. A side effect of the blood drinking is that a sangre will obtain all of the creature’s memories and temporarily have the creature’s abilities. For example, if a sangre drinks pig blood, they will have a heightened sense of smell for a short time.
Giants – Have wild emotional swings but are also very creative. Giants are this world’s artists, poets, and chefs but can also go on murderous rampages.
S’rephs – Human sized flying creatures, usually in the Ozeanchor air force.


Jeunelux – The daughter of a tomato farmer. Also a wizard. Because wizards are required to be licensed before casting a spell, anything magical she does is illegal.
Dramian – The youngest son in the very wealthy Avidita family. Also an unlicensed wizard, he his the first of his family to be able to cast spells.
Vilmish – Jeunelux’s lifelong friend and also an unlicensed wizard. Vilmish tends to make careless mistakes.
Beauceron – The young prince of Eizenfeng. His first diplomatic mission is to long-time ally Ozeanchor.
Groenendael – Chief wizard and royal advisor to the House of Eizen. One of the most powerful wizards in the world.
Tervuren – Former chief wizard and royal advisor to the House of Eizen. Now retired, he is a combination of Edison and Einstein.
Chowmach – Beauceron’s boyhood friend. Would really like to get in to a position of power.
Petrev – Dramian’s older brother. Currently serving as a lieutenant in the Eizenfeng army.
Euderma – A non-human who drinks blood. She is a spy for Ozeanchor and is very good at her job.


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