Quest Winner for Duck Blood Soup

InTerNet Quest – Name that Breed!


~ Dianne ~

Answer – Belgian Shepherd

1st Place Answer:  Groenendael

2nd Place Answer:  Belgian Shepherd

3rd Place Answer:  Belgian Sheepdog

A Note from Frank Hofer

What does a dog have to do with Duck Blood Soup?

Years ago we were at the vet to with one of our dogs. I was standing at the desk paying the bill for shots when all of a sudden a rather large dog appeared next to the vet tech. The look on the dog’s grinning face seemed to say, “I’m really smart, I’m really cute, and I know it. So, who are you?”

The vet tech told me that her dog was a Belgian Sheepdog. I did some research on the breed to find out if it would be a good fit for us when we wanted to add a third dog. It was. One of the first things I found out was that a Belgian Sheepdog was one of several breeds known as Belgian Shepherds.

But more important for this story, a Belgian Sheepdog is also known as a Groenendael. When I saw that my first thought was, “what a great name for a wizard.” Several years later Jim and I started writing Duck Blood Soup and I needed wizard names. I used Groenendael along with two other Belgian Shepherd names: Tervuren and Malinois – all great names for wizards. Trivia: many of the names in the book were taken from the American Kennel Club web site’s list of dog breeds.

So the correct answer to the quiz question are Groenendael, with Belgian Sheepdog and Belgian Shepherd as acceptable alternatives.

If you missed out on the giveaway, don’t despair. You can pick up your copy of Duck Blood Soup for only $3.99. For the next couple of months Duck Blood Soup is free if you have Amazon Prime.


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You can find out more information about the co-authors and their work at their website.


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