Reviewers Wanted

Teenage_Denzel_by_semokanAnimeGirl-4Silk Screen Views is growing fast and we’re looking to add to the team. Before thinking about applying for the position, please be familiar with Silk Screen Views. Check out the Silhouette to read about why and how SSV came to life. Read about the Reviewers that make SSV what it is and skim the posts to gain a taste of our writing & personalities. Be aware that you have to agree with SSV Goals, book ratings and policies.


  • A lover of books? Read a lot for fun?
  • Highly opinionated & enjoy sharing those views?
  • Carefree adventurer that likes trying something new?
  • Intelligence and humor are necessary parts of your life?
  • Willing to make a stance & stand up for it?
  • Feel that you have a unique perspective that’s totally you and want to share it?


GREAT! Email with the information requested below:

  1. Your Name
  2. Why do you want to be a part of Silk Screen Views?
  3. Why would you be a good fit in our amazing team?
  4. What do you wish to gain from working with SSV?
  5. A small bio about yourself and what you enjoy reading, etc.
  6. Link: Goodreads Profile or Website
    1. Not necessary but would help the process.
  7. Sample of Your Reviews (Suggest a review for ratings:  5 Stars, 3 Stars, 1 Star)



  • New Friends
    • The team on SSV & those we come in contact with: Authors, Bloggers, Reviewers, Book Lovers, etc
  • Cool Experiences
    • Chance to meet authors & others in the book world. Inside scoop, behind the scenes look & more.
  • Chance to Express Yourself
    • Reviews, Promos, Contests, Posts in Ramblings/Rampage, etc.
  • Expanding Horizons
    • Be it new ideas, new books, new insight–it should be fun, sometimes mind bending and always evolving.
  • New Opportunities 
      Love diving into the unknown? Well you’ll get that chance here.




Comment Below ~ We want to hear from you.

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