Yay Book Mail!

One of the various things I’ve been more exposed to since starting Silk Screen Views are the Events and Contests run by other bloggers and websites. In the happy community fostering mode of trying new things, saying virtual hellos and wandering about, I’ve entered a few events. Why not? Who doesn’t enjoy a free book? And doesn’t everyone know that I’m the best private Librarian ever? I own a huge personal library. I think the electronic version may have outgrown the physical but it’s the hardbacks and paperbacks that are my true pride and joy! There are shelves on every floor of the house. I’m pretty darn proud of this fact. Although, family and friends really don’t want to help out when I move from one place to another. Boxes of books take up lots of space and need lots of muscle to move about.

Thanks to Monica of Impressions of a Princess and Marc Kuhn, I am the happy winner of a new book, The Pope’s Stone, and a brand new journal! The book has been autographed by Marc and there were some freebies I’ll take a gander at later. I’m happy to bump the book up on my teetering to read pile. You all should keep a look out for a review. One will be coming around in the next few weeks or so.

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