Feature Follow Friday #2

Feature Follow Friday – Hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read

Let’s go cyber-friends! Silk Screen Views is throwing in for our second round of Feature Follow Friday! I stumbled onto Feature Follow Friday via several tangential leaps that started from Goodreads last week. I had fun looking at new sites and getting to know new people. Let’s see what this week will bring about!


While this is SSV’s second Feature Follow Friday, it is #143 for Parajunkee & Alison Can Read.



Have you ever read a book that you thought you would hate? Did you end up hating it, loving it or would you never do that?

There are only a handful of books that I will force myself to read if I don’t like it. Of late, it’s usually a book that’s recommended in a Buddy Read Challenge or a Book of the Month of a group I like participating in on Goodreads. I can name a few off the top of my head that I was pretty MEH about.

Blood Red Road was a popular book that was thrown around a lot a few years ago and I gave it a shot. I couldn’t get over the writing style. It drove me bat crazy and made it hard to pay attention to the story. For a lot of people, it added a narrative voice that appealed to them. For me, I was in a constant state of eye scrunching UGH.

Sookie Stackhouse series: I know people love this series. I have many friends who adore and lavish tons of praise on this series. I can’t stand it. I made myself read the first book after numerous attempts. I read about 30 pages of the second book. The writing is NOT OKAY! I love the TV show, True Blood, and if I ever try the audio versions of the series, I may enjoy that. The writing is definitely something that would go well in spoken format. It is NOT okay as a written novel.

Delirium and Across the Universe are also popular novels that I actually read and didn’t enjoy due to different reasons. I felt more let down with Delirium because I actually enjoyed certain aspects of the story but overall it came across as a weak plot, whiny main character and unsustainable premise. Most of the elements that people raved about Across the Universe, I could not find it in myself to care about because the writing didn’t bring me into the story enough to care. I actually love adventurous space opera, coming to age, etc stories. This should have been something I really loved but it landed as a flat note and one I could very easily put down.

Now, the only reason I will read a book I don’t like is because I made an agreement to do so with someone. It could be a friend or a review request, etc. Otherwise, I dislike wasting my time on a story that doesn’t appeal to me when there are countless options to try out in my ginormous To Read mountain.

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16 thoughts on “Feature Follow Friday #2

  1. At last!! Someone else who doesn’t like the Sookie books!! I feel like dancing a jig, cos that series gets recommended to me all the freakin’ time and i LOATHE it. Before there was ever a tv series about it, I attempted to read the first one not once…not twice…but three times! And only because it’s in a genre I enjoy, and numerous friends kept recommending it and raving over it. They are freakin’ TERRIBLE. Oh, and I made it through two episodes of the tv series and gave up also. LOL

    • The TV show is fun. It just takes a bit to get into. The books? Gah! The writing is SO BAD!!! However, I do have more fun when I read bits of out loud. Then you can disregard bad grammar and structure because you’re talking. Ugh! Izzy tells me that the audio is the way to go. That’s how she’s read the whole series. Maybe I’ll try it. But there’s WAY more books out there to try that I don’t know that I would like to explore.

  2. I did not like Delirium either! I did like Blood Red Road, but wow, that writing style was really hard to get over! I haven’t gotten to Across the Universe yet. I am with you though on the fact that with a huge TBR list, there’s really no time to read books you think you might not like!

    Thanks for visiting my FF! Following you back on Twitter!

    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros

  3. I felt the same way about Delirium. Didn’t like anything but the ending. But then I read Pandemonium, and loved it.

    Thanks for stopping by my FF. Following you on Twitter 🙂

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! I’m now following you back via Twitter @jone402 I actually enjoyed Sookie until the most recent release and am now dreading the final book next month. I too have BRR sitting here but have yet to read it….and now might not.

    Happy Reading!

    The Scarf Princess

  5. I read the sookie books back when I loved anything I picked up, but the most recent ones are horrible. Plus True Blood and the books have barely anything in common asides from the names of the characters. Haven’t read Across The Universe cause I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like it. As for Delirium I was willing to suspend my beliefs so that I could enjoy the book, but after Pandemonium I didn’t bother finishing the trilogy.

    Thanks for following – following back via twitter 🙂

    – Nyx @ Unraveling Words

  6. I was rather wary about Across the Universe, too, and in the end felt a lot like you described. I just couldn’t care all that much about the characters, beyond the slight annoyance they all evoked in me.


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