Key Features of WordPress That Makes My Life Easier

I’m fairly new to blogging and using WordPress on a regularly basis, but I am handy with computers and general internet know how. WordPress has a great Help section with tutorials, videos and articles with all of the basic information you may need to learn how to use WordPress. You don’t have to know anything at all and learn it all from scratch.

However, there’s only so much I can absorb by reading a ton of information on the ins and outs of WordPress. I learn best by reading, observing and doing. Today, I’m creating this post to share my hard won knowledge. You may already know the following information. You may find out something new. You may simply be entertained by how much of a newb I am to WordPress. Which ever it may be, I hope you find the article informative and fun.  😉

Before I ever started my own blog, I’ve helped others to optimize their websites, features, design, graphics, descriptions and more. That’s a part of what I do. I may never have run a blog of my own but I thought I had a fair bit of knowledge on how to do it. I did have enough experience to get myself around without causing fatal errors but I didn’t know about the simple features that were right beneath my nose. Obviously, everything I point out has made my life easier and what I’m going to suggest has everything to do with how I like to function. Alright, let’s get started!

The following features are all available for WordPress Posts & Pages.

Kitchen Sink  – Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Alt + Shift + Z)

You can turn the full format options on and off with this button. It’s on the far Right End of the posting toolbar menu. I didn’t find this gem until several weeks after I started Silk Screen Views. You have no idea how happy and annoyed I was to find it that late! TURN THIS ON! You won’t regret it.

Screen Options – You can find this option in the upper right corner. Click on this and use the following options:

A) Show On Screen:  This is the part that will help you the most. You can decide what parts show on your screen.

  • Likes and Shares:  Allows the post to be “Liked” or shared.
  • Categories:  Shows your category list.
  • Tags:  Important feature that allows you to enter key words to associate with the post and makes it easier for users to find your post by searching the web.
  • Recommendations:  Lists tags that are used frequently and allows you to click on them to add tags.
  • Discussion:  Allow comments or trackbacks/pingbacks to the post.
  • Writing Helper:  Copy a Post – Allows you to copy a post that has been written on the site.
  • Author:  Useful when you are uploading a post for another person and need to put their name on the post.
  • Revisions:  Very Important!
    • WordPress routinely saves a draft of your post.
    • You can use this function to go back to older drafts of your post.
    • The only problem you may have is if your internet connection is spotty and WordPress was unable to autosave.

B) Screen Layout:  You can choose to have your screen have 1 or 2 columns.

  • Pick the option for 2 columns.
  • This will enable the Publish/Categories/Tag functions to show up in the right column.


  • Status:  You can change the status of your post. It’s useful if you’ve posted something that you didn’t want to make public.
  • Visibility
    • You can decide if you want the post to be public of private. Private posts are a good way to share information with other Admins/Editors on the site.
    • Stick this post to the front page:  Will put the post at the top of your overall feed which is usually the homepage.
  • Publish:  You can choose to publish a post immediately or schedule a release date and time.
  • Publicize
    • When you publish the post, you can choose whether or not to send a notice of the posting to various sources like Facebook or Twitter.
    • You can edit what the notice says or let it post it’s generic message.
    • Generic message is the Post Title and Shortlink to the post.


  • Important function that determines how the post shows up on the site and where it is grouped on the site.

Add Media

  • Insert from URL:  One of the most useful features on WordPress. Space is limited and you don’t want to clog it up with frivolous crap like large media files. Use this function to add media to your post.

Well, that’s all that I can think of at the moment. I hope these pointers help make your life easier as you create your posts on WordPress!

6 thoughts on “Key Features of WordPress That Makes My Life Easier

  1. Thank you so much! I was so terrified about getting my first blog set up a couple of months ago I got someone else to do it for me. I’m looking forward to having time to check all these features out properly in the weekend.

    • You welcome! The worst mistake I made on the website is when I tried out this function of WordPress that turns all of your categories into tags. I even made sure to look up information on it before I did it. I thought that was a cool feature!

      THEN I found out afterwards that this option changes all categories into tags and removes the categories.

      Boy was I mad! I had to redo all of my categories, menus and relink a ton of stuff. No fun but I learned a valuable lesson.

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