A Bookworm? What?!


Are you a bookworm? I know I am! I’ve never denied being an avid reader and lover of books. It’s never been a reason for strife in my life but that may have to do with more about my personality than one of the labels I carry with pride. I think of a bookworm as being someone who enjoys reading voraciously and or loves books. Just because you read a lot doesn’t mean you’re smart. There’s a reason why there’s a term for book smart and street smart. That’s a different topic and one that I may explore on another day.

Well, I got curious about the origin of the word bookworm, and the slang term it has become. The results are what I expected and quite a bit more! Here’s the information that I’ve gathered.


From Dictionary.com

Origin of Bookworm:  1590s (of people), 1855 of insects or maggots; there is no single species known by this name, which is applied to the anolium beetle, silverfishes, and book lice.

Encyclopedia Britannica – Bookworm:  any insect (e.g., moths, beetles) whose larval (or adult) forms injure books by gnawing the binding and piercing the pages with small holes. No single species may properly be called the bookworm because a large number of insects feed upon dry, starchy material or paper and may damage books

Definition: Noun
1. a person devoted to reading or studying.
2. any of various insects that feed on books, especially a booklouse.

Wikipedia bookworm_resize

A bookworm is someone who loves books for their content, or who otherwise loves reading.

theFreeDictionary.com (Thesaurus)

  1. A person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit.
  2. Someone who spends a great deal of time reading

Online Slang Dictionary

Bookworm:  Unsociable, smart person

Urban Dictionary (This is where I crack up!)woah

1) Noun:  When you’re railing a chick from behind and she is doing your homework.

ex:  Yeah bro the other night I gave my girlfriend the bookworm while she was doing my calc homework.

2) Noun:  Getting a blowjob while reading.

ex:  So we were having a study party… and I ended up gettin’ a bookworm.


On one hand, I would think if bookworms were more like how Urban dictionary describes, there would be more people talking about bookworms. On the other hand, where do people come up with this stuff?  *laughing*

Personally, being a bookworm is a badge of honor that I carry around quite happily! It’s a part of who I am and what I love to do. What’s not to like?

Are YOU a bookworm? How do you define it? Have you heard of Urban Dictionary’s definitions of bookworms?


13 thoughts on “A Bookworm? What?!

  1. Not sure about the definition, but I remember feeling proud when, as a child, my parents described me a a bookworm. Interesting definitions here 🙂

  2. I wonder how many guys would want to use the word “worm” in the same sentence when talking about sexual exploits.
    “ex: Yeah bro the other night I gave my girlfriend the worm while she was doing my calc homework.” Doesn’t really have a ring to it.
    And once digital readers have fully infected the human race, the idea of a bookworm will go the way of a ‘broken record’.

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