Overwatch Contest Winners

Winners of the Overwatch Contest

AG 02 Mosque_Sunset_for_MSG_GrayFor this contest, you had to describe a view. It could have been any view you saw through a window:  a car, house, business building or store. The format could have been a short poem or paragraph.

We had two great entries! Allen and I decided that each one was well done and deserved a prize!

Three Cheers for Anne!

Anne has won the autographed copy of Allen Gray’s book, Overwatch.

Anne’s Poem:
The glass of the window is streaked like a watercolour left to run in the rain,
beaten across with greens and blues lashing one on top of the other,
Prussian blue skies mixed up on a palette of ever-changing, Van Gogh trees,
and everything strikes down, down, down on the cold translucent pane,
the view obscured but the colours vibrant in the falling rain.

Three Cheers for Susan!

Susan has won a poem written by Allen Gray. It will be a special print made just for her. We may also feature the poem on Silk Screen Views!

Susan’s View:
Through the window, the pine branches swing in the breeze. The sun melts the snow lingering on the needles. Not so long ago I covered that pine in yellow ribbons, to welcome a son home from Afghanistan. Now the branches are empty but for the chickadees who shelter beneath its wings. They will stay empty, because he is never coming home.

AG 01


7 thoughts on “Overwatch Contest Winners

  1. Thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to get hold of a copy of Allen’s poems ever since seeing some of his work. This is a very generous prize and I’ll treasure it.
    Just wanted to say well done to Susan too. A very moving piece in so few words.

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