Supernatural Assassin Black Velvet Vol. 1 ~ Vina Kent

  • Title: Supernatural Assassin Black Velvet
  • Author: Vina Kent
  • Series: Supernatural Assassin #1
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA
  • Format: E-book
  • Source: Author
  • Reviewed by: Emma
  • Rating: 2 out of 5

Description:  Being a killer, the best of her kind, is all that Mira knows. Growing up she was taught nothing other then how to kill and survive. Having been taught to live without emotions has been easy, up till now. Her next assignment, Hawke, the son of a famous movie star and soon to be Mayor. Hawke knows how to draw attention, even when he doesnt mean to… after all he is famous and always has an entourage following him around. How is Mira supposed to kill Hawke if he’s always surrounded by people? Easy… go undercover. Entering a world Mira knows nothing about might seem simple, but when you’ve been taught to do nothing but kill, it can be agonizing. Mira finds herself not only having to live the life of a rich college kid, but having to act like she enjoys it, until everything changes. Mira has faced Disco Dancing Zombies and Blood Screaming Banshees, but never has she had to endure Sorority sisters.
And as she starts to settle in to the life she has to live under cover, her world turns upside down again with the news that she has to keep Hawke alive.What Mira doesnt know may get her killed this time..

Review:  Oh dear! I really don’t know where to begin reviewing this book. I only managed to read about half of it before frustration at the poor quality of the writing superseded any curiosity I had for the book at the outset.

This is the story of Mira, an elemental assassin given the task of killing a human guy at college. In order for her to get close to her target she has to enroll at college herself, which she finds difficult as she really isn’t a people person. She soon works her way into the popular sorority clique. That’s all I can tell you because that’s pretty much all that happened in the almost fifty percent that I read.

My biggest issue with this book is the poor technical aspect. When you read a self-published book you expect to find some grammatical and technical errors. If only that was the case with Black Velvet! Everything, from the poor sentence structure to the incorrect use of punctuation, especially commas and full stops–screams of someone who is desperate to write but lacks the necessary basic skills. I would find myself having to re-read much of it, changing the sentence structure in my head in order to make sense of it. After all the effort required to untangle the sentences, I was then confronted with the author telling me what was happening, what the characters where feeling, as opposed to showing me. And the telling was done in a very stilted fashion by very two-dimensional characters. There was no flow or cadence to the narrative or the dialogue.  It felt rushed and contrived. Having read almost half of the book, nothing pertinent to the plot had happened.

The only positive thing I can say about this book is that I was initially curious about Mira and what she could to. I was intrigued by the premise. There are hints that the writer has an interesting imagination. If I could give her some advice it would be to go back to the basics, take her time, and hone her skills. It doesn’t matter if you have the best idea ever inside your head if you can’t express it in a way that captivates and pleases your audience.

All that being said, there is still a small part of me that wants to finish the book. I want to know if the writing improves. Is there is a payout for the effort spent in reading through it? Will the book fulfill some of it’s early promise? To be continued…maybe.


2 thoughts on “Supernatural Assassin Black Velvet Vol. 1 ~ Vina Kent

  1. The cover picture has a typo on it too. That’s a bit of a red flag. I don’t mind a few errors in the text if the story is grabbing me, but when there are a lot, it’s very very difficult to read.

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