For J (Part Two)

Regardless of the wishes that still echo in my heart,
Despite the edge of reason that thoughtlessly cuts,
I close my eyes to still the tears that relentlessly fall.
Even though I held hope in shaking hands, forewarned
I waited for you to make your choice: this searing denouement.
How can I be so blind to still yearn, to still dream, for what is not?

For you, I cut past the fearful web of taunts,
Part my soaring barriers to the vulnerable part…
Fearing, stubborn–I raged within an ocean of emotions
That live, breathe and is a vivid existence in stark daylight.
For you, even as I tremble inside, I see clearly and write.

Dangerously easy to fall into you,
It’s been like that from the very start.
Your presence did soothe my wounded soul
Disbanding weighted tensions in companionable silence.
Bring fore an innocent faith that demands unquestioned trust,
With you, I have been my best, my worst and all that lies between: alive.

Regardless of the pain we sustained in spades,
Despite all the chaotic verbal wars exchanged,
I cannot wish for anything but the very best.
Even though we will not be the stuff of romantic dreams,
I will always love you & pray that you will gain all that you need.
How can I wish for anything else? When we have both endeared enough.

Farewell, J.

Written:  1/28/2011 ~ 1507
It doesn’t matter if it was written several years ago. It’s still true today. A part of a singular history and more memories than I will ever be able to count. ~ Link to For J (Part One)

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