The Alien Contest

The Alien Contest

International Book Giveaway

What’s your favorite alien? Is it the cutest alien ever created? A kickass monster from space? Do they live on Earth? Are they part of an invasion, a seduction, nefarious world domination, an unexpected ally or just an average schmo that wants to live in peace?

Harmless? Maybe…


Pick out your favorite alien and share it with us on Silk Screen Views!

You don’t have a favorite alien?!??! It’s not too late! Go search on the internet & make your choice! There are countless aliens to choose from:  books, comics, movies and more!


Contest Rules:   5/15/13 – 5/19/13

  1. You must follow Silk Screen Views by WordPress or Email.
  2. Add a Comment Below with the Following Information:
    1. Your Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Your Favorite Alien
    4. Describe the Alien
    5. Tell us why you choose the alien.
    6. If you can, a link to the alien picture.
  3. Leave a comment for Gini Koch or Silk Screen Views.
  4. Winner/s will be Announced:  5/20/13
  5. Enjoy the Author Interview & Reviews! Links are posted at the end.
  6. Thanks for joining us!



You have a choice!
Get a signed copy of one of the following books + extra goodies from the author.

  • Book 2 – Alien Tango
  • Book 3 – Alien in the Family
  • Book 4 – Alien Proliferation

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Gini Koch

Check out the latest addition to Silk Screen Views’ Author Interview & Review series! Snarktastic Sonja and I are happy to have had a chance to talk to the author of the popular Katherine “Kitty” Katt series, Gini Koch. Read the interview and follow the links to SSV’s reviews on what I like to call the Triple K series.

Curious to find out more about the author? Check out Gini’s website.

12 thoughts on “The Alien Contest

  1. My favorite alien of all time is Eet, a lifeform in Andre Norton’s novels The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars. It starts out as a cat like creature that the hero believes is a pet on a space ship. When he gets what appears to be space plague and is set adrift in space to die, the creature goes with him and saves his life by communicating with him telepathically. Their relationship evolves until he realizes that the appearance of his companion belies a sophisticated and intelligent race. Eventually, Eet takes over the body of female humanoid and they go off to explore the stars together. Eet’s snarky and superior attitude at the beginning is hilarious and very much reminiscent of what you think a cat would say!

  2. Well, my favorite alien of all time are the fabulous Ms. Koch’s AC’s. I mean, what’s not to love about a super hot, super smart, well dressed alien who looks human and is super nice? I mean, really. c’mon. I want one. :3

  3. i like jeff and paul from gini,s books they are good looking have super speed and care about the people around them dont have a pic

  4. My favorite alien is Nimitz, a Sphinxian treecat from David Webber’s “World of Honor Harrington” Series. They are iintelligent, empathic, telepathic, six-limbed creatures who sometimes bond with certain Humans. They have some personality traits in common with Terran cats, including curiosity and independence. They are the smallest sentient species ever discovered in their universe. They can be lethal killers when they or their chosen person is threatened. They lack the ability to communicate verbally, but just learned sign language. Nimitz enjoys playing tricks on his friends. I like the way that he and Honor love and support each other. They have a complex and evolving relationship. They each have their own personalities, yet they are also a unit. Emily
    P.S. I could not find a picture.

  5. Remember that you need to leave the following:

    A. Your Name
    B. Email Address
    C. Your Favorite Alien
    D. Describe the Alien
    E. Tell us why you choose the alien.
    F. If you can, a link to the alien picture.

    You can always email with your email but we’ll need your Name & SN to associate with your entry. =)

    I’ll come back to post the aliens I like on 5/19. =D

  6. I have 2 favorite aliens. One is the tribbles on Star Trek ( the original series). And Tyr Anasazi ( I think that’s how you spell it) on Andromeda.

  7. My favorite alien is from the series StarBridge, by A.C. Crispin.
    He/she/it is called “Doctor Blanket”.
    He/she/it looks like a soft bit of blueish-green grass hovering slightly above solid ground and communicating telepathically with great wisdom, insight, humor, and intelligence gathered from a great number of unspecified years in age.
    I choose “Doctor Blanket” because whilst being the smartest one in any room and having lived a long and strange life, he/she/it is always kind and beautiful in the treatment of others.
    Unfortunately, there is no photograph I can attach, my apologies.

    I love reading the series by Ms. Koch. I’m never bored, haven’t figured all the the plans out before the “big reveal” (yet), and the humor never fails to remind me that even though my life is limited, there are words to make it so much wider! Thank you and please keep writing! I await each new installment with baited breath.

  8. My favourite alien is Lrrr from Futurama. He is from Omnicron Persei 8 and he just wants to conquer the Earth! He has a raging temper and loves watching TV while he’s not courting a new wife or conquering planets.

    Here’s Lrrr right here:

    I chose him because he always makes me laugh when he’s on Futurama. He’s so cute and ragey lol.

    Name: Jeann
    Email: You’ve got it!

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