Alien vs. Alien ~ Gini Koch

  • Title:  Alien vs. Alien
  • Author:  Gini Koch
  • Series:  Katherine “Kitty” Katt, #6
  • Genre:  Science Fiction
  • Format:  eBook
  • Source:  Own Copy
  • Reviewed by: Sonja
  • Rating:  3 out of 5

Description:  Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini and the rest of the American Centaurion Diplomatic Corps are still recovering from their introduction to Washington D.C. politics, parties, and conspiracies. So when compromising pictures arrive, no one’s too surprised. They’re also the least of anyone’s worries.

Evil androids running amok, birds of all kinds and from all places creating havoc, a Senator trapped in an ever-tightening web of intrigue, and escalating international tensions all seem tough but manageable. But the disappearance of Jeff Martini and Charles Reynolds during the International One World Festival signals more than the usual nastiness — and it looks like even ACE can’t help them.

Then new trouble arrives in old packages and even with the best hackers in the world, beings from near and far, the full might of Earth’s military, and the Wonder Twins on their side, Centaurion Division’s outmanned and outgunned.

Now Kitty’s racing against the clock to find not only Jeff and Chuckie, but to keep the peace between Middle Eastern countries, all while searching for the bases of super-soldier operations — to stop them or die trying.

Review:  This is the one where old enemies return.

Sigh. Honestly, I found this one to be just a bit too much. I know, I know. I managed to get *this* far and haven’t felt that way yet? The story is getting to be a bit overwhelming and the amount of characters of which to keep track just makes me shake my head. When this is teamed with Ms. Koch’s penchant for using both the first names and the surnames of her characters in different times and places, I totally felt adrift in a maze.

We have an old enemy that returns waving a (figurative) white flag. We have blackmail pictures surfacing. We have new pets being ‘transported’ in. We trust people in the Romanian embassy more than our own people – and said Romanians are also smarter than we are. And, no one will tell Kitty anything. Why won’t they tell her? I am so glad you asked. It is because she did not pass a test needed to get a higher security clearance. Of all the things in this series that has asked me to suspend belief, I think this is the hardest. The way it goes down just surpasses my ability to let slide. And, I simply cannot believe any of these highly intelligent people in highly classified places would A) believe the circumstances of the test and B) let it matter when it was so obviously rigged and she needs to know. For seriously three quarters of the story, she is blinded by the fact that no one will tell her anything because she didn’t pass the test. Yet, she still manages to be the one that finally puts it all together and manages to save the world. Sigh.

This is definitely not my favorite of the series. It becomes just a little *too* immersed in actual science fiction while still trying to drag around the things that make Kitty so much fun. It really just bogs down. Our gang has become much too large to follow without a character map. And, too much time is spent trying to make ideas from too many stories gel together. We have Kitty, and Androids, and aliens from all different places, and evil politicians, and brilliant hackers, and diplomats, and spaceships, and monuments . . . I do not think there is anything actually missing from this tale. Except actual cohesiveness.

That being said, it is still about Kitty. She is still a hoot and a half. Again, I laughed my way through. The end came entirely too quickly (I know – can that even *happen* without a cohesive plot?). And, it is the currently the last published book in the series. Therefore, it makes it very hard on the next book I read. Few will be as entertaining as I found this series. And, they all become that much harder to start.

I gave this book 3 stars solely on the strength of the series. Again, don’t read this for any reason except to spend more time with characters that you love.

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