Twilight Dream (A Poem)

Driving in a misty fog, the world
is a hazy blur of a twilight dream.

Could I but fly, I would
animate your twilight dream.

Your lively spirit already enriches
a part of my world with warm colors.

Then flit! and fly!
‘Til her lady’s carriage is bright and warm.

Would thee light and stay
and be a welcome company
in this one night’s dream dance.

And dance we shall– a winged
moonlit waltz among trees and mist.

To music sung by heaven’s stars,
beneath the grey clouding mists,
we will follow the rhythms of an ancient path
that rings from our giddy hearts & celebrates love.

Written 11/24/09
by Soo Clark and Megan Adair
via Text Message Tag

Photo by Soo Clark – From a Park in Seattle, WA – Night Shot

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