Cover Wars – May 2013 Edition

My apologies for being late it getting the May edition of Cover Wars out to our awesome SSV audience.  It’s been a tough month between respiratory infections, internet issues, and bruised tailbones.  Well, it’s better late than never.  Right?

The books and their covers that were considered are listed in our May 2013 New Release post.

Cover Wars by DarthVal: May 2013

Category:  Best of the Best, The Worst of the Lot

Best Cover Worst cover
16135109 15743485

Category:  You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover*

Best Cover/Least Likely Worst Cover/Most Likely
16074739 12106940

*The category features covers that are in direct opposition to my desire to actually read these books.

Category:  5 Honorable Mentions

Inferno Night School Into Darkness The Rose Throne Reboot

Category:  5 Bottom Feeders

Purgatory Reign Taken by a Vampire House of Steel Spirit of Dust Savage Blue

Category:  Trend that I Love – Color Pop

The Bastards and the Knives The 5th Wave Towering Fall of Night Awaken

Category:  Random

Throwback Style+ Trying Hardest to be a Boy Band Promo
15698479 13494365

+Why do some Scifi books still adhere to a cover style from over 30 years ago? Sheesh.

Interested in why I made my choices or want to argue for your choices? 

Comment below and let’s discuss!

7 thoughts on “Cover Wars – May 2013 Edition

  1. Me, me! I’ll argue! I love your cover wars. =) Why is Purgatory Reign a bottom feeder? He looks quite hot from the back… Spirit Dust looks like she’s about to faint, but Savage Blue doesn’t look too bad to me. Taken by a Vampire is a little whoah! o.O
    Definitely agree with your worst cover anyway, that looks horrible.

  2. Glad that you ladies enjoyed the post!

    Erica, Purgatory Reign is headed in the right direction, but has two big flaws. First is image quality…this image seems kind of grainy & fuzzy. Biggest issue, however is the cartoonish title font that does not work well with the imagery and the overdone drop shadow effect on said font. It could probably be saved with some distressing effects and better font choices.

    Savage Blue tries way too hard and the overall effect is rather garish. The different visual elements do not blend very well.

  3. I’ll argue. I rather like the ‘worst’ cover for Tempest Reborn. It hints at a smile, and I love the cartoon style in general. I’m thinking, perhaps, to read that book, just because the cover attracts me.

  4. Well, it does ultimately come down to a matter of preference. Tastes are subjective.

    To me, the cartoonish clip art cover of Tempest Reborn makes it look like it is targeted to 5th grade girls (not to mention the layout looks like it was designed by a savvy 5th grader). Could be a great read, but for me, that cover will keep it from my TBR pile.

    But, I can happily agree to disagree despite my cold, darth heart. 🙂

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