Night Train to Rigel ~ Timothy Zahn

  • Title:  Night Train to Rigel
  • Author:  Timothy Zahn
  • Series: Quadrail #1
  • Genre:  Science Fiction
  • Format: eBook
  • Source: Own copy
  • Reviewed by:  Snarktastic Sonja
  • Rating: 4 out of 5


It begins when a man delivers a message for former government agent Frank Compton–only to fall dead at his feet. The message is a summons from the Spiders, the exotic and mysterious creatures who run the Quadrail, an incredible transportation system connecting civilizations across the galaxy. The Spiders believe that someone or something is preparing to attack their entire network and the worlds it serves, by smuggling battleships through the Quadrail–something that should be impossible to do. Compton, with the aid of a beautiful but enigmatic agent of the Spiders, is their last hope.

Because nobody else has been able to find the elusive enemy who seeks to enslave the entire galaxy…and Earth is its next target.

Review:  I just re-read this book in preparation for reading the final book in the series. I have a very hard time writing a book review on a re-read as I think having had the anticipation removed hinders (at least to some degree) the enjoyment of a novel. And, based on my set criteria, I rarely cannot put a book down when I know how it ends. That being said, I originally read this book when it first came out and enjoyed it enough to read each succeeding book. The final book in the series came out late enough that I wanted to remember the entire series more vividly before I finished it. (Is that enough qualifiers?)

I really like Timothy Zahn, though I refuse to read the Star Wars books. I really liked this book. And, I still liked it – even on re-read. I remember the first *gotcha* upon reading the very first clue. I totally forgot the 2nd gotcha – which is, I assume, where the next book goes. I have read it as well, but I do not remember it. (A short memory is a blessing when reading books . . . makes re-reads more interesting!) I am reading this series in a buddy read into which I dragged others along for the ride, so I am not continuing until March.

And let it be said . . the first book was published in 2006 – not so very long ago – and LOOK! 6 years later (and 5 books) the series is complete. It CAN be done. Even on a re-read, I give this one 4 stars.



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