The She-Hulk Diaries ~ Marta Acosta

  • Title:  The She-Hulk Diaries
  • Author:  Marta Acosta
  • Genre:  Comics, Fantasy, Chicklit
  • Format:  ebook
  • Source:  NetGalley
  • Reviewed by: Valerie
  • Rating:  3.5 out of 5

Description:  CURRENT STATUS: No job, no boyfriend, no permanent place to live, no car, and most of my clothes are held together with staples and duct tape. Bank account almost wiped out. Many of my former associates have expressed a desire that I never darken their doorways again for legal and financial reasons.

She-Hulk got us got us kicked out of the Avengers Mansion. People keep posting videos online of her New Year’s Eve shenanigans: twirling, flaming telephone poles in Times Square, climbing the Empire State Building while dangling Anderson Cooper…

Saying there are two sides to Jennifer Walters’s personality is an understatement. When she hasn’t morphed into a 650-pound, crime-fighting, hard-partying superhero, she’s a single lawyer trying to get her act together. Hilarious and action-packed, The She-Hulk Diaries tells her story, as she juggles her intense legal career by day with battling villains and saving the world by night. Maybe bad guys will stop trying to destroy the planet so she can have a real social life and even meet a guy who isn’t trying to take over the universe.

**Potential Spoilers**

Review: From the moment I spied the tube of bright green lipstick on the cover, I knew I was going to have to give The She-Hulk Diaries a go. The book was pretty much what I expected, think comic book meet Bridget Jones Diary, just not quite as clever as the latter. Even still, my inner girlie geek squealed with delight and enjoyed the ride. I have not previously followed the She-Hulk comics, an oversight that I am clearly going to have to fix ASAP!

It was not the deepest of stories (it IS based on comic book lore after all), but the plot is solid and enjoyable. The story follows Jennifer Walters, your not-so-average young attorney. She is currently down on her luck and looking to make some positive changes in her life, oh and to try to tame her wild-child alter ego, the She-Hulk. Gaining control of her life becomes even more challenging when she becomes embroiled in a mysterious plot . . . mwuhaha!

For the most part, I liked Jennifer’s character. She was smart and determined. However, I did want to slap the crap out of her for trying so hard to Dr. Morigi (and every other guy, except Mr. Right) into her PFLOMLY (Potential future love of my life). I have to admit, this is a total pet peeve of mine when women seem to be more caught up in HAVING A “love of their life” than in finding THE ACTUAL love of their life. I did love her alter ego, She-Hulk (Shulky if you’re nasty). Shulky is deliciously brazen and free spirited, but also very smart.

I do have to admit a bit of frustration with Stan Lee, the original creator of the She-Hulk character. Here we get this bad-ass female character, but then she is written as the not-quite-as-super super hero. She is not quite as strong as the hulk and has slightly less capabilities. Why can’t she have the same level of badassedness as the male characters??? Ok, in her favor, she DOES get to keep her intellect while hulking out, unlike her cousin Bruce. (yep, that Bruce . . . I could not decide whether to picture Bruce Banner as Edward Norton or Mark Ruffalo – tricky). I should also probably be made that they made her way hot, but I kind of like the empowerment of being crazy, green, raging, and super-hot all at the same time.

Ms. Acosta did a great job of building chemistry between Jenny/Jen/Gin and Ellis Tesla/Quintal, which is; let’s face it, pretty important for the chick lit market. The song lyrics were fun, but got a little old after a while because my geeky side kept thinking, bring on the action! Fortunately, there was plenty of gratuitous butt-kicking to satisfy the comic side of the house. The author also did a great job incorporating a lot of humor into the story. I loved all of the “rhymes with” references to Tony Stark (definitely pictured as RDJ).

Calling all geek girls – this one’s for you!

*Disclaimer: a free digital copy of this book was provided to me for review by the publisher through Net Galley.


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