A Shire Romance (Part Nineteen)

A classic romance with a Hobbit twist!

When Tamsyn left for Somerset that morning, little did she realise that she’d end the day somewhere she didn’t even realise existed. Nor did Perry know when he set out for a stroll that day that his life would be utterly changed. Thrown together by chance and torn apart by their responsibilities, their future lies in Tamsyn’s hands.

Note to Readers:  This is the first full-length novel I ever wrote. It’s a few years old, and I know it’s far from perfect. That was never the intention either, since it isn’t something I can publish traditionally due to copyright issues. I like the story, however, so I hope people reading this will enjoy it on those terms. Please be aware it contains explicit language and scenes.


Tamsyn didn’t remember much of how she spent the remainder of the day. She helped Esme in the kitchen. She spoke to Faramir. She went to Radagast and asked him some questions about what would happen, then somehow managed to tell Perry’s parents that she would be leaving the next day.

At dinner time Colman appeared and muttered a half-hearted apology. Tamsyn, who was anticipating two different events with a complete polarity of emotions, found she had no feelings left to spend on him, not even hatred.

She watched Perry and his father play a game of chess, puffing away on their pipes, then after sharing a small supper everyone finally went to bed.

Tamsyn waited ten minutes to be certain no one would leave their room again, then quietly slipped out her door. She tiptoed to Perry’s room and went inside, and as the door closed behind her and she turned the key in the lock with a distinct click, he shot upright in bed.

“Tam?” he said, astonished.

She didn’t speak, just looked at him as she walked towards him. When she reached the side of his bed, where a small sliver of moonlight peeked through the curtains, she lifted her nightshirt and pulled it over her head. She tossed it aside and simply stood there, clad in nothing but her long, loose hair, looking at Perry with desire in her eyes.

His breath caught and he stretched out a tentative hand, as if he couldn’t quite believe that she was real. When his fingers touched her stomach he breathed out, swung his legs over the side of the bed and slid his hand to her back to pull her closer to him.

As she took that step he lifted his other hand to brush her hair aside, using his thumb to lightly stroke her nipple. Tamsyn sighed and leaned back her head, and when her hair slid away and revealed her body, Perry gave a stifled gasp and pulled her tightly against him. He was naked apart from his underwear, and Tamsyn concentrated on the delirious feeling of skin on skin, threading her fingers through his hair and running them down his back.

He suddenly tugged her towards the bed so she toppled into it, and with a smile she rolled over and pulled him on top of her. He teased her hair out from underneath her, spreading it to the side in two great black wings, then moved to the curtains and twitched them open so the moonlight spilled onto the bed.

“I want to see you,” he whispered, then lowered his eyes and closed his mouth around her nipple, caressing her other breast with his hand. Tamsyn moaned and arched, and she could hear his breath was coming faster.

She ran her hands down his sides, hooking her thumbs into his pants to pull them down. He helped her with a shift of his hips, but gave her an intent, questioning look.

“Are you certain you want to do this?” he asked, and she felt him tense as he awaited her response.

“Perry, I have never been so certain about anything else in my life,” she replied. “I need this. I need this memory of you. I need you to touch me, feel me, fill me…” She gasped when he suddenly buried his face between her breasts, and sighed when he started kissing and licking his way down her body, caressing every patch of skin his hands could reach.

“You’re so soft, so smooth, so beautiful,” he murmured, running his hands along her legs when he reached the dark patch of hair that covered her mound. He gently pushed her legs further apart, and she could see the intent look on his face as he moved his thumbs upwards in slow circles, towards her warm, moist folds.

Her breathing turned shallow in anticipation, then she moaned and moved her hips when he suddenly ran his tongue along the entire length of her. His fingers followed, stroking her softly, then he experimentally slid two fingers inside her, moving them up and down when she reacted with more gasps and moans.

He spread her folds further, and when he found the small, swollen nub buried in there he closed his mouth around it and pressed his tongue against it.

Tamsyn spasmed and gave a long moan, clawing at the sheets, and felt herself grow dizzy with need when Perry continued to suckle her, moving his fingers all the while.

“Perry, please…” she begged, and his head shot up.

“What?” he asked, startled. His breathing was laboured, and Tamsyn could no longer wait.

“Come,” she whispered, pulling at his arms. He obliged, kneeling between her legs, and she pulled his head down and kissed him hard. When she let go again he gave her a somewhat apprehensive look, and she reached down and closed her hand around his shaft, making him gasp.

“Please, Perry, I want you so,” she breathed, guiding him to her, and he groaned when the tip of his erection touched her wet lips.

They held each other’s gaze as he entered her slowly, and Tamsyn watched his eyes glaze over with lust as he slid deeper and deeper into her, his thick shaft stretching her deliciously. Perry held his breath until he could move no further, then closed his eyes in ecstasy and breathed out again.

“How does it feel?” she whispered, moving her hips.

“So good,” he moaned. “You’re so warm, and wet, and tight.” He gave a few slow thrusts, and gasped at the feel of it.

It was too much for Tamsyn. She pulled him down on top of her, slid her hands down his back and grabbed his buttocks, then started grinding her hips, pulling him in deep with every thrust. Perry picked up the rhythm, then twisted his own hips so he reached different places deep inside her, moving with more confidence when she reacted with clear pleasure.

“Tam,” he suddenly whispered into her ear, “I want to make you come, I want to see it… How do I make you come?”

“Here,” she gasped, taking his hand and moving it down. She rubbed his thumb past her lips to moisten it, then led it to her centre of pleasure and pressed it down. He immediately gave a quick stroke, and she spasmed in response.

Perry sped up his thrusts, transferring the movement to his thumb, and Tamsyn found herself soaring upwards on ever-increasing waves of pleasure. She dug her fingers into his back, riding the waves until the feeling crested and she moaned his name as she shattered into orgasm. She dimly registered Perry’s gasp of surprise as she squeezed around him, and held him tight when he jerked his hips and pressed in deep, crying out in his own release.

He sagged on top of her, panting, and Tamsyn wrapped her arms around him. “You said you’d never fucked anyone before?” she murmured. “You must be a natural. That felt good.

He raised his head and looked at her, and the emotion in his eyes was almost more than she could bear. “That was… beyond anything I’d ever imagined it would be,” he whispered, and she took his face in her hands and kissed him deeply.

For several minutes neither of them spoke, then Tamsyn trailed her lips down his jaw and began pressing soft, nibbling kisses on his neck and collarbone, slipping her hand between their bodies to stroke him low on his stomach.

Perry’s breath hitched. “What are you doing?”

“My turn to be on top,” Tamsyn murmured, rolling them over and nuzzling his neck.

“You want… again?” he asked, swallowing hard.

She pushed him onto his back then straddled him, her hair cascading around her like a curtain. “I want you as many times as you are able to take me,” she breathed. “Once isn’t enough, I want more.” She bent down and licked his nipple, and he gasped.


“No buts.” She smiled and moved her mouth to right beside his ear. “Are you afraid you can’t do it?” she whispered, licking his earlobe. “Look at yourself, dearest.” She placed the flat of her hand on his chest, slid it down over his stomach, then wrapped it around his shaft, hard and ready once more. “See?” she said with a teasing grin. “Or don’t you want me again?”

He grabbed her and pulled her down, kissing her hard. “Never say that,” he breathed. “Don’t ever say that, Tam.” His eyes were wide and full of pain, and she quickly cupped a hand around his face.

“I won’t, I’m sorry,” she said. “I know you want me as much as I want you.”

Suddenly he pulled her so tightly to him that she could hardly breathe. “Oh Eä, Tam, what am I going to do without you?” he sobbed. “Please don’t leave me, please don’t go!”

She stroked his face, a stricken look in her eyes. “I have to, Perry, I can’t stay here. I don’t want to leave you, but I have to.”

“But I love you!” he said, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Oh, Perry, I know you do,” she replied, his face blurring below her as her own tears started to flow. “Don’t you know that I love you too? More than I could ever tell you?”

“Then stay! Don’t leave me! You’re everything I’ve always wanted in a woman! You’re the only one I’ll ever want to marry! Please, please don’t go!” he pleaded.

“Perry, don’t do this to me… I don’t want to leave you, but I must,” Tamsyn said, her throat tight with misery. “Think of what Radagast told us.”

“I don’t care!” he wailed. “What use is this world to me if you’re not in it?”

“Shh,” Tamsyn said, taking his face in her hands and kissing him. “You don’t mean that. Think of your friends, of Frodo, of little Adda. This is their world too. I must do whatever I can to save it, even if… even if it means I’ll never see you again.”

He stifled a sob and pulled her close again, and suddenly Tamsyn needed him as close to her as he could possibly be. She moved her hips, rubbing over his erection, and she moaned when he shifted his own hips in response and entered her in one swift, deep stroke.

She rode him almost desperately, sitting up and arching her back, her body lit up by the moonlight and the tips of her hair caressing his stomach and thighs. He held her hips, guiding her movements, and when she ground closer he pressed his thumb on her swollen nub again. The pleasure rose, crested once more, and they came simultaneously.

“I love you so,” Tamsyn murmured as she lay down on top of him, catching her breath. It was a relief to finally say it to him, even though despair rode high in her mind. “I’ve been wanting to tell you so many times, but I didn’t dare…”

“I remember when I knew that I loved you,” he replied, pulling his fingers through her hair. “It was when I apologised for kissing you, and you told me that it wasn’t a kiss I needed to apologise for. No girl has ever reacted like that before. I knew then that I wanted you for my wife, and no other.” He looked at her sadly. “I’ll never marry anyone else, Tam. I can’t have you, but I’ll have no one else.”

“Don’t say that.” She shook her head. “I’m sure you’ll find a nice hobbit girl who won’t run away when you try to kiss her.”

“I don’t want a nice hobbit girl, I want you. Are you telling me that you’ll marry someone else over there?”

“No, I’d already resigned myself to never getting married. But at least now I know that there’s one man who wants to marry me for who I am, rather than what I own or look like.”

He stared at her. “Are the men in your world as stupid as the women in mine?”

She replied with a half-shrug and a sad smile, and he looked away. “Well, if you’re not getting married, then neither am I.”

“I’m not the son of the Thain, Perry.”

“The Thain has three other sons. I’m sure they can fuck some heirs together.”

“Now you’re just sulking.”

He simply stared at her, the pain in his eyes still profound, and she swallowed away more tears. “I don’t want you to be unhappy, dearest.”

“Then don’t leave me.” He sounded sincere, and she closed her eyes.

“Perry, we’re going around in circles.”

He relented and pulled her down into the crook of his arm. “At least stay here tonight then,” he whispered. “Let me have this one night to feel like a married man, to fall asleep next to my wife, to wake up next to her, and to make love to her when I want to.”

Tamsyn thought briefly of what Faramir and Esme would say if they discovered her in Perry’s bed, but found that she didn’t care. “Gladly.”

He took a deep, shuddering breath, then gently pushed her upright. “Sit here,” he said, and gathered her hair together. He braided it with meticulous care, tying it off with the lacing from his nightshirt when he couldn’t find anything else.

“There,” he said when he finished. “Can’t let it get all tangled again.”

She turned to him and held his face, kissing him tenderly. “I love you, Perry,” she said, gazing into his eyes. “Don’t ever think that I don’t. Going back tomorrow with Radagast is going to be the most difficult thing I’ll ever do in my life.”

“I know,” he sighed, then pulled her back against him. She settled with her head on his shoulder and tried to fall asleep.


Will Tamsyn stay or go back to England? Find out in the next installment of  A Shire Romance! The story will be a weekly release until completion.  

A Shire Romance is written by Erica Dakin. You can find out more about Contrary Erica on the Guest Reviewers page and check out her website to find out more information about her work.

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