A Comicbook Newbie’s BFF: DC Entertainment Essentials

Further down the rabbit hole I go.  I am a long-time geek, but a newbie to comic books.  However, I have found myself quickly hooked, being introduced to Batman in DC’s The New 52.
As I read, it has occurred that maybe I need to go deeper into the Bat past to flesh out my knowledge.  Have you seen how many Bat tales are out there?!?  (Of course you have!)
It’s not just Batman.  I have found myself wondering, which other comics might catch my fancy.  I tried going to a comic convention and it just overwhelmed me.
My dilemma is where the heck do I start?  Aha!  Enter the DC Entertainment Essentials.  Granted, it only covers the DC Universe, but it is a good guide to help me find my way.
This is clearly not a book to read for entertainment.  However, it is a great reference for newbies like me.  Thanks DC for enabling my geekdom!

If you are a newbie like me, or maybe you just have not taken a deep dive into the archives, look for this handy dandy little guide.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some shopping to do!