Finding Pride ~ Jill Sanders

  • Title: Finding Pride
  • Author: Jill Sanders
  • Series: Pride #1
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: e-book
  • Source: Author
  • Reviewed by: Erica
  • Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Description:  Megan Kimble has finally freed herself from years of abuse at the hands of her ex. Now she can finally start a new life and figure out just who she really is. When her brother Matt dies suddenly, she takes a big risk and moves cross country to live in his house and take over his new business. This could be the chance she’s needed. There’s only one problem now. She can’t seem to escape the irresistible charm of her departed brother’s best friend.

Todd Jordan just lost his best friend and business partner. Watching Matt’s sister move into town, his attraction to her is instant. Can he prove to her that all men are not the same, and resist his own desires as she learns to trust again? Overcoming the odds is just part of their journey. The two must first survive a fateful visit from Megan’s ex to have any chance at happiness.

Finding Pride is book one of the Pride Series Romance Novels, a sexy contemporary romance series by Jill Sanders.

Review: This is a debut romance, first in a series, and while it was a solid effort overall, it didn’t wow me.

The book starts with the leading lady, Megan, as she attends the funeral of her brother Matt. Matt lived in Pride, a small town at the coast of Oregon, and Megan has inherited all he owned, including his house and cabin-hire business in the making. She now has to decide whether to stay in Pride; a decision which her neighbours – Matt’s best friends – are trying to influence her in.

One of these neighbours is Todd, and the attraction between Megan and Todd is instant on Todd’s side. Megan, however, has just come out of an abusive marriage, and her broken arm is only the latest physical souvenir she carries from her ex-husband. Her emotional scars go far deeper, and as such she is wary of men and loath to trust again.

There is not much more to the book than that. Megan settles in Pride, takes over where her brother left off, and the relationship between her and Todd grows, aided and/or influenced by Todd’s brother Iian and his sister Lacey.

The story is sweet and inoffensive, but very little happens until a pretty predictable event towards the end of the book. Until then it’s all very placid, and I personally prefer a little more excitement in my books. The writing overall also didn’t knock me over; the book is very much written in statements, with not much embroidery to liven things up. In addition to that, the edition I had was very much in need of a proofreader or editor to weed out the copious typos and instances of seemingly random punctuation. There were too many confused words (eg. waived rather than waved, or slightly when it should be slight), and I found it very distracting. What I also found very distracting was Iian’s name. I’ve seen people called Ian, and Iain, but I’ve never seen anyone called Iian, and every time I saw that name it looked like another typo to me.

That aside, overall the book was a decent effort, the sex was pretty good, and just because I personally prefer a story that’s a little more exciting, doesn’t mean that this can’t be an enjoyable read for someone who wants a little romance to while away an evening.