Poem: =)

Earth falls, I’m blown away
Adrift in winds of dreams,
Exhilaration shimmers beneath my skin
Like laughter bubbling, rolling free!

Soaring above an endless sea,
Held aloft by brilliant possibilities
Blessings dawn in warm embrace
Shining halo shielding against gravity.

Words of a song pluck memory’s strings
Melody flows effortlessly past rosy lips,
Between whoops of celebratory glee
Giddy emotions sing in merry harmony!

Swanfall into crystaline depths
Fearlessly plunging into Neptune’s aquatic realm
Dancing with dolphins into glorylands fathoms low
And bursting above the surface in cartwheels of joy!

Eyes close, swept away in winds of dreams
Blessings shelters my heart with shining wings
Intoxicating potentials lie tantalizingly in reach
Singing aloud in joyous affirmation of choosing: