Dear Sparks (Bribing My Muse)

Dear Sparks,

I’m glad that you haven’t completely abandoned me. I know because I can still tap out funny comments that have friends laughing for most of the day, and the creative juices are still working out new ideas to fire up my imagination. So… are we playing a game of cat and mouse? Did you feel neglected because I’ve been busy this week with other matters?

The past few months have been great! It’s been a while since we’ve combined our powers and cranked out new work on a daily basis. It’s been a joy to rediscover my love of words and dust off the cobwebs from my misplaced vocabulary.

Let’s make a pack, shall we? That regardless of what life has in store for me, we shall remain fiercely loyal to one another and never stave off the inspirational flow of stories, observations and poetry.

Writing words without a spark feels empty and lusterless. If I wanted to just write, I can. I’d rather write words that have some oomph to them. Meaty passages that tickle the imagination and unveil interesting layers. Be it simple or divine, words that strike home to the heart of the matter or outline the shadows of that which has yet to come.

I miss ya, Sparks. Come back to me. Stop playing outside and come back to warm the vast caverns of my mental castle and grounds.


Moi, grantanter

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