~ A Little Story ~

In the past, women of high society were not allowed to be seen by public eyes, and viewed the world through screens of paper & silk. Their experiences of strangers and the outside world were filtered by screens, shutters and veils. Only a shadow of who they are could be seen beyond the thin barriers. In the hunt for treasures, simple screens were used to shift precious stones from the mass of dirt and rocks. Today, the shadow of my silhouette will fall across the ground as I indulge in my love of books and share my discoveries. Here’s to finding my share of treasure in the vast world of books!           – Soo, the Instigator

Side Profile Welcome to Silk Screen Views!

My name is Soo, and I’m a bookworm. Yup! I love to read and devour a wide variety of books at a fast clip. Back in 2011, I decided to see if I could find a way to electronically organize my library. I didn’t want to create another Excel or Access database. If you could see how many books I own, you would totally understand why! I found several great book websites online and finally settled on Goodreads. I love the community on Goodreads, and it has expanded my love of books by leaps and bounds! The website quickly became the place I search for new books, look up old books and to post what I’m reading or going to read. Later, I began to write reviews on the books I love, those I enjoyed reading and making notes on books that I didn’t like.

Here is the next step. Silk Screen Views evolved from being an idea that I tossed around to reality. Please join me in my adventures into many stories and see what kind of treasures I’ll find along the way.

A lot of good plans are in the works! I am happy to announce that fellow book lovers have joined Silk Screen Views and adding their quixotic flair to stir the pot.

Silk Screen Views Goals:

  • We are ardent book lovers, and look forward to sharing that love with others.
  • Silk Screen Views is a place to explore and share the amazing adventures one can have with books and the authors who create them.
  • Our reviews will always be a sincere and unbiased representation of the reviewer’s thoughts and views of the novel.
  • We strive to bring entertaining, thought provoking, idea turning, invigorating, contemplative and/or attention grabbing articles that pertain to books or other interests of those on SSV.

Note to Viewers:

  • SSV values your patronage, thoughts and interactions with us on the site.
  • Please be respectful to one another on Silk Screen Views.
  • While we welcome your thoughts and ideas, we do not condone personal attacks or harmful incendiary comments.
  • We value diversity, encourage sharing differing viewpoints and enjoy lively debates.

*Everything I create, write and post on Silk Screen Views are owned by me. The work and posts made by guests and contributors are owned by that individual. Please be respectful of the copyrights of others. Thank you.