Author Interview: David Holley ~ Eden

Author, David Holley

Author, David Holley

I recently had the opportunity to chat with artist-turned author, David Holley, about his debut novel, Eden. It is an adventure story about the survivors of a plane crash and their struggle to get back to civilization. During the course of our conversation, we were able to make contact with one of the survivors, Maaka, for a few moments via through his headset.

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Here is the transcript of our recent discussion:

DV:  David, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Let’s begin!

You have an interesting background in very different areas. What brought your focus to writing? Why did you decide to take on the challenge to become an author?

DAVID:  As an artist I have always wanted to challenge myself and not be confined to one medium. In the past I have worked in film, street art, fine art and now writing. I like to put myself in situations that I’m uncomfortable with. To me the journey is always the best part. Even more than the finished product.

DV:  Your bio describes you as an artist. How did writing a book compare to creating visual art?

DAVID:  To my surprise the creative process is remarkably similar. Like any creative pursuit I would brainstorm my ideas until I had one I really liked and with any good idea that usually brings more ideas and the whole thing just snowballs from there.

DV:  Which do you prefer Dali or Van Goh? Vettriano or Renoir? Star Wars or Star Trek?

DAVID:  I love Van Gogh but I just came back from Spain and I saw Dali’s house, theatre and museum. I came away with a much bigger appreciation of his work. Like any art, it’s about context and what was happening during their time. After understanding what was happening to Dali, I came away very impressed. Vettriano over Renoir. Star Wars over Star Trek, but I do also love Star Trek!

DV:  What was your favorite book as a child?

DAVID:  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

DV:  That was a favorite of mine, also! Who are currently your favorite authors? What are you reading right now?

DAVID:  Cormac McCarthy, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer are some of my favorite authors. I am currently reading The Executioner’s Song by Mailer.

DV:  Let’s talk about indie publishing. I am fascinated with the democratic nature of self -publishing. Eden is an independently published book. What has been your experience with indie publishing?

DAVID:  We are living in an extraordinary time period. Because of the digital age anyone can publish anything. That said this is also, in my opinion, one of the toughest industries to break through because of the pure volume of books that are coming out by the droves. The experience has been nothing but rewarding but I will allow that it’s tough and super competitive and you need to be on it all the time. I spend at least 2-3 hours a day everyday networking, reaching out to people and on self-promotion.

DV:  What do you to promote yourself? Can you give a few examples for our aspiring authors out there?

DAVID:  I feel every author will have a different opinion on how to promote oneself. For me, I wanted to do something in social media beyond writing a blog or just posting self promotional messages. So instead, on my FB page and on twitter I decided to post current events that report cataclysmic events that are happening around the globe almost on a daily basis. I was surprised by the frequency of these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Since my story is loaded with speculative fiction I thought this was the best and most interesting way to do my social media spin. I realize this will be a slow burn as far as building an audience but for the ones who discover it I think the payoff will be worth it. As for personal promotion, I have strategically sought out people on Goodreads and Shelfari who I think would be my audience and have offered my book to them in the hopes that they will enjoy it and pay it forward.

DV:  On LinkedIn, you are listed as CEO of Misery Loves Company, which is listed on Good Reads as the publisher of Eden. Do you hope to help other indie authors publish their books, or is this primarily a vehicle for self-publishing?

DAVID:  I hope in the future I can play a role in helping aspiring authors realize their dream of publishing their work but for now Misery Loves Company is vested in the release of the Eden Book Series.

DV:  Do you plan to always publish independently, or would you like to eventually work with a publisher?

DAVID:  I would certainly entertain an offer from a major publisher if the deal was right. I am very conscious however of selling my eBook at an affordable price. I have noticed the price of eBooks from major publishers have been $12-15 which I think is ridiculous.

DV:  Let’s talk a bit about Eden. Was this your first attempt at a novel?

DAVID:  Yes.

DV:  How did you go about writing this book? Did it start with the character or the concept for the story?

DAVID:  I came up with the idea to write Eden when I was hosting a party and I was complaining that I haven’t read a good adventure story in a while and my daughter Mia said to me, “You should write one then.” And so I did.

DV:  Smart girl. How old was she at the time?

DAVID:  17

DV:  Has she read Eden? What did she think?

DAVID:  Yes and she enjoyed it very much. She is like you in that she doesn’t know what will happen next and always tries to pry it out of me. 😉

DV:  What are some of the influences that helped shape Eden?

DAVID:  At the time we were dealing with some personal loss. My girlfriend had recently lost her father to cancer and I too lost my father who was a hero to me. Because of that I wanted to write a book about losing someone you truly loved.

DV:  I totally got that in the book. I was very moved by Luna’s grief. Did you get emotional while writing any of these scenes?

DAVID:  On several occasions, yes. I am not the emotional type but writing this book really released some demons that I have suppressed for years. This was a very cathartic experience for me in many ways.

DV:  Did you have any rituals or routines while writing this book?

DAVID:  It took me a year and a half to finish Eden. Which meant writing almost every day. Sometimes for just an hour. Sometimes I would write over 10 hours. It depends if I was in the zone or not.

DV:  What was your drink of choice while writing Eden?

DAVID:  I am a single malt scotch guy. Either McCallan, Dalwhinnie or Oban depending on my mood.

DV:  If there was a sound track, what bands/songs might be featured?

DAVID:  Some Radiohead for sure, maybe a Modest Mouse song and Arcade Fire too!

DV:  So, I noticed when I cyber-stalked you, I mean when I researched you for this interview, that your arts seems to make some bold political statements. Tell me about that?

DAVID:  It’s all about context. The art I think you are referring to was the Evildoers Series, which was done during the Bush years. Needless to say that was a dark time in this country and I was merely reflecting the sign of the times. Not all of my art is political and my most recent stuff has been more introspective and personal.

DV:  Do any of these themes play into Eden?

DAVID:  Not specifically no. But I do believe that we are going through a major climate change and we must accept certain facts moving forward.

DV:  Survival skills feature prominently in the book. What is your personal proficiency with survival?

DAVID:  None. I had to do a ton of research about that.

DV:  What 5 items would you hope to have with you if you were stranded?

DAVID:  Well from my research I learned a knife, flint strike, and suitable clothing is all you need.

DV:  If you were stranded, what role would you play among your fellow survivors?

DAVID:  I would listen to Noah and do what he said.

DV:  (Laughing) Good call! So, I have to ask, there are a lot of similarities to the TV series LOST. Were you are fan of the show/J.J. Abrams?

DAVID:  I was for the first season but then really hated it after season three and stopped watching it altogether. It’s funny I never even thought about Lost while I was writing Eden but I realized afterwards there would be comparisons. Although I will say, unlike the tv show I actually have an ending and my story will make a lot more sense than what happened on Lost.

DV:  So, Tom and Hank . . . homage to Cast Away? How do you typically choose the names of the characters?

DAVID:  That’s what you would call mere coincidence, but I like that. Nice catch! I love coming up with names and most of my characters are based off of friends and family.

DV:  Mia’s character has some interesting abilities. Have you ever had a black cat, Friday the 13th kind of moment yourself?

DAVID:  When I was 8 years old I had a dream about my grandmother who came to me in a dream. I woke up later that day to find out that she had died in her sleep. Creepy, right?

DV:  Way creepy, but kind of comforting in a way. Noah is a pretty awesome character. I am sure all the gals want to know… boxers or briefs?

DAVID:  Commando of course! Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

DV:  (blushes) Oh my. Did not see that one coming! Moving along . . . would you rather have a super-power gift like Mia or more of a solid reality based skill set like Noah’s? What would that power or gift be?

DAVID:  Honestly a power like Mia’s is dangerous and scary. I would not want that power. In the later stories that power will only get stronger and scarier. So to answer your question I would love to have Noah’s skill set. Wouldn’t you?

DV:  I am totally a super power kind of girl. (grins) While we are at it, sword, light saber, or magic wand?

DAVID:  I am a pretty decent fencer so I will go with light saber just because it’s way more badass than a sword.

DV:  Did you mentally cast any of your characters with actors? If so, who?

DAVID:  A couple came to mind while writing I think Tom Hardy would be a perfect Noah and Evelyn could be played by Jessica Chastain.

DV:  In the story of your life, who would play you?

DAVID:  I have been told by several people that I look like Javier Bardem but I don’t see it. Were both Spanish, so…

DV:  I can totally see that. David, I understand that you may have a way for us to make contact with the survivors of Flight 316. Let’s give it a try.

DAVID:  {response} That’s right Valerie, I’m picking up a frequency, standby. Okay I think I got someone, whenever you’re ready.

DV:  Anyone out there? Can you hear me? Over.

MAAKA:  {answering} What? Hold on, Panger, I got someone in my ear. Who’s this?

DV:  Hello? Who is speaking?

MAAKA:  This is Maaka. What do you want?

(DAVID:  Maaka is a rather formidable young man of Maori descent. He and a few others escaped as their fishing boat went down during the tsunami. They have joined forces with the survivors of Flight 316.)

DV:  We are trying to get a feel for the situation there in New Zealand. Maaka, my understanding is that your fishing boat wrecked as a result of the tsunami. Can you tell me how long you’ve been stranded?

MAAKA:  Christ how should I know? We were out for three weeks before the tsunami. As far as I can tell it’s been seven days maybe eight.

DV:  Was this your first nautical emergency?

MAAKA:  Hardly, but this was the first time where we lost crew members. Wait, bugger that! I forgot about that incident off the Nelson Hook a few years ago. Life at sea is not for the faint of heart, eh?

DV:  Your family is certainly not faint of heart. Yet, your crew mate and brother, Atua, is very different from you. Would you say that the two of you are close?

MAAKA:  I would say that we’re family and leave it at that. Do you always get along with your family? I dunno, let’s just say we have differing points of view about most things but we can at least agree we’re family.

DV:  Is that why you are so close to your mate, Pango?

MAAKA:  He’s my best mate and he’s got my back. And he’s definitely someone you want on your side, believe me.

DV:  What were your initial thoughts when Noah and Mia walked into your camp?

MAAKA:  Well look what the cat dragged in.

DV:  You and Pango seem to keep yourselves separate from the rest of the group? Why is that?

MAAKA:  Have you met that lot? They’re nothing but a bunch of hoity toity Johnny Rottens if you asked me. I can’t be bothered with their blather.

DV:  That seems especially true when it comes to Noah and Max. You don’t seem very fond of either one, care to explain?

MAAKA:  You’re right about that, mate. I don’t care for captain bossy pants or his first mate, Ashy Sinclair. They both seem too big for their britches, eh?

DV:  Is there any of the Flight 316 survivors with which you have bonded?

MAAKA:  Jacob Turner seems like a good bloke. The others I don’t really pay much mind to.

DV:  What did you do to make Inspector Harris dislike you so much?

MAAKA:  HA! You would have to ask Mason about that, mate. I personally love the guy, really. I think he just doesn’t understand me, you take my meaning?

DV:  What is your situation currently?

::: Static :::

DV:  Maaka? Maaka? I think we may have lost him. I guess we will have to wait for the next book to see what is going on down there.

In the meantime, David, let’s get back to you.  Have you had much of a chance to connect with fans of Eden? What is your coolest fan moment so far?

DAVID:  I’ve had some really great moments just from people around the world who emailed me to tell that they really enjoyed the book and when the next one is coming out? I loved that and validates everything I am doing moving forward. Honestly all I have ever wanted as an artist was to entertain people, nothing more.

DV:  The cover indicates that this is book 1. What is your timeline for book 2?

DAVID:  I’m working furiously to finish Eden Book 2 for a September 2013 release.

DV:  How many books do you intend for the series?

DAVID:  Three for sure but…. You never know.

DV:  Do you already have the plot arc mapped out?

DAVID:  Totally mapped out for three but, like I said, the door is open for more. Time will tell.

DV:  One final question, who is your favorite bad-ass female character of all time?

DAVID:  That’s just it. In my opinion, there’s not enough badass female characters in stories. I was always a big fan of the comic book series Elektra Assassin. She was awesome! Although they ruined her image in the movie. I like to think Eden has a host of strong female characters and over the course of the series I will be introducing even more. Stay tuned!

DV:  David, thanks again for your time. Good luck with Eden and the rest of series!


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1st Author Interview: Keri Lake ~ Soul Avenged

KeriLake Author PicSons of Wrath LogoWelcome to Silk Screen View’s first author interview! We’re happy to have the author of Soul Avenged, Keri Lake, and two surprise guests to kick off SSV’s Author Interview + Review series. Don’t forget to enter the International Giveaway Contest! Keri has brought two pivotal characters of the first book in the Sons of Wrath series with her today. Let me introduce, Ayden, the kickass heroine of the book and Kane Walker, a shapeshifter.

  •    Keri:  Thank you, Soo, for having all of us on your blog!
  •    Ayden:  **nods** .
  •    Kane:  Any time I can escape the handcuffs is a pleasure! Thanks for the invite!
  •    Soo:  **flashes a grin** You welcome, Kane. I’m sure the readers are dying to find out why you’re in handcuffs!

For those who are new to Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath #1), here is a quick synopsis:

               Ayden’s suburban home was invaded by a pack of Lycans. The brutal attack is the only memory she carries of her former life.

              Now, one motive burns in her soul:  KILL THEM ALL

              The Sons of Wrath—a brood of vengeance-dealing warrior demons—band with Ayden to hunt the Lycans on Detroit’s most deadly feeding grounds. Kane Walker should’ve been her easiest kill. Unfortunately, the newly bitten Lycan has something she wants—clues that may finally lay her past to rest. To reach them, she must be willing to submit to the sensual pleasures awakened by his touch.

              Time is running out. Kane is changing into what Ayden despises most. She can halt his transformation but the antidote requires the ultimate sacrifice. As the beast takes hold, Kane becomes more of a threat. Ayden must choose between her lust for revenge, or surrender to her enemy and discover a horrible truth.

1. Let’s start the interview! Keri, can you give a small look into the world of Sons of Wrath?

  •    Keri:  Absolutely! The story, as you read from the blurb, is set in Detroit–a very dark and somewhat gothic Detroit. It begins after Ayden’s home is invaded by a pack of Lycans and she seeks out the Sons of Wrath, the vengeance dealers for hire, to help her find the wolf that attacked her.
  •    Ayden:  Actually, I was prepared to destroy every Lycan on the planet until he **jerks head toward Kane** showed up.
  •    Kane:  **grins** I put the fun back into her Saturday nights. What can I say?

2. How did you create Ayden and Kane? What part sticks out to you the most?

  •    Keri:  Well, I’m pretty sure Ayden would agree that she kind of created herself. I spent a few months ignoring her skull-pounding demands for attention.
  •    Ayden:  **snickers**
  •    Keri:  She can be relentless. So I decided to explore her badass character a bit more in my head and I pretty much had her and her motives fleshed out within a matter of hours. She lives with a bunch of brawny demons, so she’s not lacking for strong male interaction.
  •    Kane:  I don’t like where this is going …
  •    Keri:  I didn’t want to pair her with some big, brooding hard ass. I would’ve had two stubborn, clashing forces on my hands and these two were bad enough. Kane, with his smartass mouth, gets under her skin quite a bit.
  •    Ayden:  That’s an understatement.
  •    Kane:  She loves it! **winks**
  •    Keri:  But that’s just it. He gets under her skin enough to pull her out of this dark and twisted world she’s immersed herself. I think the part that sticks out to me the most is just the constant taunting between the two of them. Kane really knows how to push her buttons!  And he does it well.

3. Which one gave you the most grief while writing?

  •    Keri:  **glances to the side and huffs** I’d have to say Ayden. As much as Kane tried to break down her defenses she just wouldn’t give in.
  •    Kane:  **clears throat** I beg to differ.
  •    Keri:  **shoots Kane the evil eye** Yes, but we don’t want to spoil anything for the readers, now do we?
  •    Kane: **looks innocent** What? Who me?
  •    Ayden: **snorts**

4. Alright, this is a serious one. The three of you are thrown into an arena. Light saber or magic wand? Which one would you pick and why? WHO would win?!?!

  •    Kane:  Uh, hold up. You’re asking a man to choose between Harry Potter or Star Wars?  That’s a no-brainer. And I’d win. We all know guys are better at wielding sabers. **winks at Ayden** Isn’t that right, babe?
  •    Ayden:  To hell with that. I’d choose the lightsaber and kick his Lycan Skywalker ass!
  •    Kane:  **shifts in seat** Will you be dressed as Princess Leia while you’re doing it? Slave costume, preferably.
  •    Keri:  I choose popcorn. I’ll just kick back and watch these two go at it.
  •    Soo: Are you sure you don’t want the magic wand as the referee at least? **grin**
  •    Keri:  Ooh, good idea. Might have to zap their asses every so often. **laughs**

5. If a movie was made, who would you pick to be you in the movie?

  •    Kane:  I’m not so sure there’s a guy out there who can embody this much sexy, know what I’m sayin’? But if I HAD to choose, I’d say Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro.
  •    Ayden:  **frowns** Al Pacino? Robert DeNiro? That’s not even close.
  •    Kane:  The movies are never exactly like the books. I choose Angelina Jolie or Olivia Wilde for Ayden. **rubs hands together** and a lot more sex. A lot more.
  •    Ayden:  That’d be like, a 30 year age difference. **shakes head** No way I’d get it on with an old guy.
  •    Kane:  **smiles** Goes back to knowing how to wield a saber, baby.
  •    Keri:  I’d say more Ryan Reynolds a la Blade Trinity for Kane. He’s too much of a smartass.

6. The world’s gone nuts and you have no choice but to join the circus! What would you do there?

  •    Ayden:  **smiles** Who’s the character that whips the tigers?
  •    Kane:  Again, will you be dressed as Princess Leia? Say, with a nice pair of black stilettos and thigh-highs?
  •    Keri:  I guess that would make me the Ringmaster of all these clowns.
  •    Soo: Does this mean that Kane’s the clown? **impish grin**
  •    Kane:  Hell no! Those bastards are creepy as shit.
  •    Ayden:  You become an enormous, raging, blood-thirsty beast every night and you’re creeped out by clowns?
  •    Kane:  Did you watch that Stephen King movie?
  •    Ayden:  **shakes head**

7. Ok, ok. Let’s get serious. Ayden, tell me more about your photography. Why did you start? What camera did you use?

  •    Ayden:  **shrugs shoulders and shifts in chair** I like that cameras capture more than what you see on the outside. I mean, take the city of Detroit. People say it’s ugly. Ruined. Dangerous. But sometimes even the most seemingly unsalvageable things have some redeeming qualities.
  •    Kane:  Wow.  That was… almost poetic.
  •    Ayden:  **punches Kane in the arm** Gavin let me use a Nikon when I first teamed up with them. He’s not much of a photographer, but he has an art studio with some older, antique cameras and a darkroom in the mansion.
  •    Keri:  Uh, I’ll just mention quickly, Soo, since your subscribers might not know who Gavin is, she’s talking about the eldest of the Wrath brothers. Their leader.
  •    Soo:  Just to let the readers know, Gavin is HOT! **coughs** Let’s get back to Ayden. What do you love about photography?
  •    Ayden:  I love the quie. Silent observation. As if there’s an unspoken connection between me and what I’m photographing. The pictures I take are a connection I’ve managed to create with the world. So when Gavin saw how much I loved doing it, he went all out and bought a Hasselblad for the studio.

8. Kane, do you miss being normal? Do you feel very different now that you’re a shapeshifter?

  •    Ayden:  Normal? **snorts** I don’t think he was ever normal as a human.
  •    Kane:  I know it sounds crazy, but no. I can’t say there’s anything about my old life that I miss. It’s a little tricky trying to control the rage when I do change—guess I’m a bit like the Hulk when I get pissed off. But I feel healthier, stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. Shit, I didn’t even have a body that looked this great in college when I played football! Feels good to bust out in my birthday suit and go for a late night run through the woods.  **glances at Ayden and winks**
  •    Ayden:  Yeah, he makes a pretty hot supe. I’ll give him that.

9. If you could, would you try to shapeshift into a mythical creature?  Which one & why?

  •    Keri:  As the non-supe of the bunch, I’d love to shapeshift into a mermaid and explore the depths of the ocean—places where no human has ever been.
  •    Ayden:  I don’t know. **smiles** Medusa might be kind of fun for a day.
  •    Kane:  I guess I’d want to be a snake charmer then.
  •    Ayden:  Charm all you want. It’s the eyes you have to look out for.
  •    Kane:  **cocks a brow** Don’t I know this? I fell victim to them once already.
  •    Keri:  Oh this is just too damn cute for words…

10. Alright, gang! Time to put your thinking caps on. What would you pick to be your theme song?

  •    Keri:  I listened to Shelter by The XX for Kane and Ayden. But I’d have to say overall Kiss With a Fist by Florence & The Machine is more appropriate for these two.
  •    Ayden:  Monster by Paramore.
  •    Kane:  Walk by Pantera.
  •    Keri:  **scratches head**
  •    Ayden:  **stares**
  •    Kane:  What? The song kicks ass. I say Cowboys from Hell for the other guys. Those demon brothers are the craziest bastards I’ve ever met.

11. Keri, what’s next for you?

  •    Keri:  Let’s see… my first vlog is coming up on the 25th of March over at Jean Booknerd Blog. And I’m actually working on book two. It’s in edits right now. This story will focus on one of the brothers. In fact, the remaining books in the series will focus on the Sons of Wrath now. **pats Kane on the leg** But don’t worry, these two will make appearances.
  •    Kane:  I’m okay laying low in the next one. **grins** As long as I get to hang out in the cave with Ayden.

12. Keri, what do you think influences your writing the most and why?

  •    Keri:  Music, hands down. It helps me get into the zone and connect with my characters.
  •    Soo: That’s interesting! I know you’re working on the next book in the series. What music are you listening to now?
  •    Keri: I’m actually listening to a lot of Deftones for this next book. You’ve Seen the Butcher kind of puts me in the ‘Logan Zone’. I’ve also added songs from the Sucker Punch soundtrack, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Chevelle and Stone Sour.  I also like You by The Pretty Reckless.

13. What’s your fav cartoon as a child?

  •    Keri:  Hmmmm.  Good question. I actually liked She-Ra when I was young. And the old Mickey Mouse Cartoons.
  •    Kane:  Wow. That explains… a lot, actually. Mine was Transformers.
  •    Ayden:  I don’t really remember what my favorite cartoon was.

14. Now that you’re published, do you feel that the things that challenge you are different?

  •    Keri:  I think the only real difference between a published and non-published writer is the commitment to readers. People want to know what’s going to happen next now that Soul Avenged is out there and I have somewhat of a duty to deliver on that. So I’m going to be putting some pretty intense efforts into getting this second book out to readers ASAP.
  •    Soo: I can’t wait for it to come out! I really enjoyed Soul Avenged.
  •    Keri:  Awesome! So glad you enjoyed the read!

Thanks for coming in for an interview with me for Silk Screen Views! Any last words for the readers and fans?

  •    Keri:  Yes, thank you so much for taking an interest in these guys. They’re a pain in the ass but hopefully their banter keeps you entertained. Also thanks so much for the reviews and the humbling comments about the book!
  •    Ayden:  Yeah, Keri’s got a pretty twisted imagination. Glad she finally caved and wrote the story.
  •    Kane:  Me too. Though I could’ve done without all the pain shit. That sucked.
  •    Keri:  **grins** nobody gets a Happily Ever After in my book without walking through a little hell. That includes you, Kane.
  •    Kane:  Ha! Ain’t that the truth.

That’s a wrap up for our first author interview with Keri Lake, Ayden and Kane Walker! Thank you for joining us and being a part of our 100th Review celebration.

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