Editing & Graphic Design Services

Since Silk Screen Views went live, the site has evolved and changed in leaps and bounds. With each evolution, another aspect of our love of books and writing has been added to the site. SSV members have decided to offer our services to writers and become a part of the process that brings about the stories we love to read and share. Each of us brings a variety of experience and skills that we are happy to make available to writers. Let us provide an essential service to developing a polished, finished product.

SSV provides a customizable service tailored to meet individual needs. For editing services, we offer a free sample edit up to 1500 words, communicate with you to determine the best plan to meet your goals, and offer an estimated quote. Our staff artists and graphic designers are available to assist in creating an advertisement to feature your work or highlight an event.

Read the following questions and see if one of them strikes a cord with you. If it does, we can help you.

  • Are you a writer who needs another set of eyes to proofread your work?
  • Do you need a copyeditor to assist you in tidying your manuscript?
  • Have grammar and spelling mistakes slipped through your fingers because your too close to your work?
  • Does your book have a lot of potential but it needs a bit of assistance to make it shine?
  • Do you have a great story but no idea how to create a cover to match it?
  • Is it getting close to a release date but you don’t have any banners or ads to promote your work?
  • Does your website need a little change or unique flair?

For more information on the various services we provide, please look at the following pages:

Contact us at SilkScreenViews@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on the Nexus if you have any questions or would like to engage SSV’s services.

*Please read the FAQ’s and Requirements before submitting an email for an estimated quote for service.


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