FAQ’s & Requirements


  1. Silk Screen Views will accept the following genres and their sub-genres:
    • Fantasy (Including: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal, etc)
    • Science Fiction (Including: Dystopian, Space Opera, etc)
    • Romance (Including: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, etc)
  2. Will Consider:
    • Non-Fiction
    • Technical Manuals
  3. We Do Not Accept:
    • Poetry or Religious Text
  4. SSV will only accept completed manuscripts. Exceptions will only be made for prior clients.
  5. All rates listed for the services are the base rate. The rate may change depending on the complexity of work involved with the manuscript or project.
  6. Book Synopsis Service is the only editing service with a flat rate of $30.00.
  7. For time sensitive projects that require fast work, an additional service charge of 25% will be added to the total Fee.
  8. All payments to SSV will be made via Paypal.


Requirements to Submit a Manuscript for Free Sample Edit & Quote

  1. Email SilkScreenViews@gmail.com with the following:
    1. Type of Service
    2. Topic/Title of Manuscript
    3. Estimated Deadline or Time Frame for Complete Manuscript
    4. Genre
    5. Total Wordcount
    6. Total Number of Pages
    7. MS Word File:  One of the Following
      • Excerpt of 1500 Words
      • 1 to 2 Chapters depending on Length
  2. If SSV agrees to take on your project, we will email you:
    1. Sample Edit of Writer’s Work
    2. Estimated Quote for Total Fee
    3. Approximate Time Frame to Complete Project
  3. Once you decide to retain Silk Screen Views for one of the services, we will negotiate contract terms, fees and other details pertaining to the project.
  4. A contract with the agreed terms will be sent to the client.



Once you accept Silk Screen Views service, you enter a contract with SSV and will be responsible for paying for the service/s you have retained.

    • A service contract will be sent to you with complete details of the service provided.
    • A non-refundable advance retainer, that has been agreed upon, will be due upon receiving the contract.
    • Upon receiving the retainer, work will begin on the agreed contracted service.
    • As determined in the contract, each sequential payment will be made as work is completed.
    • If the contracted job is completed faster than previously estimated, appropriate adjustments will be made and deducted from the contracted Fee.
    • Also, if more time is necessary to complete the contracted work due to unforeseen complications in the project, SSV will negotiate with the client to adjust the contracted Fee before proceeding farther with the service.
    • If either of the above adjustments or any other changes need to be made, the changes will be discussed with the client, an agreement will be reached and the service contract will be updated.


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