Silk Screen Views Graphic Design Services

Do you need help polishing a banner, book cover or advertisement to give your product a professional touch? Do you need help to create one from scratch? Silk Screen Views offers to help solve your graphic design dilemmas by offering you our services. Read the following descriptions to see what kind of services we can provide.

Graphic Design Service Descriptions:

1. Banner– A banner is a prominent graphic feature on a website and usually at the top of the page. It can also go in column or panels on the side or bottom.

  • Service:  Editing, formatting, collage, or other image alteration to create a banner for a website, blog, or advertisement.

2. Book Cover – The cover or jacket of a book.

  • Service:  Editing, formatting, collage or illustration to create an image for a book cover.

3. Graphic Ad/Promo – Any kind of advertisement used for promoting a product on a website or in print.

  • Service:  Editing, formatting or creating a promotional item or event.


For more information, to request one of the graphic design services, or to get a quote for services, email with the following information:

  1. Type of Service
  2. Topic/Title of Book or Project if Applicable
  3. Estimated Time Frame
  4. Description of client’s need and what they need to have designed.
  5. Any images or logos that client would like to use.

*Note:  Rates for Graphic Services vary depending on the clients needs. Please email for more information.

Special Discount for New Clients

Read the FAQ’s and Requirements Page for more detailed information about SSV Services.


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