The Versatile Blogger Award 2013

Silk Screen Views is happy to have been given the Versatile Blogger Award by Teepee12 of the blog Serendipity! The Versatile Blogger Award it given out to sites that make a variety of posts on many topics. Thanks to Teepee12 for nominating SSV! In honor of this award, I’ve made an award with our brand of flair:

SSV Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.
  • Make a list of bloggers that you nominate for the award & tell them about it.

In the post about the Liebster Award, I talked a lot about myself. For this award, I would like to talk a little bit about everyone that makes Silk Screen Views run the way it does. I may be spearhead of the operation but it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people I am delighted to work with! Read along and find out something new about the people behind Silk Screen Views.

1)  Greetings!

Irate Izzy and I have known each other for years. We’re best friends and met through a mutual love of social dancing:  Lindy Hop! One of these days, I will write up a post about dancing and share some of my love of that with you. I met Snarktastic Sonja and Darth Val in a book discussion group on Goodreads called Girls, Guns & Grimoires. It’s one of my favorite groups in Goodreads because I’ve had countless fun discussions there about books and more. Between the four of us, we make a dynamic team that offers a chaotic mix of paradoxical natures and outlooks. We share the love of books, snark, good times and intellectual glee!

2)  A Word

Everyone has a word or phrase that they find themselves using regularly. Well, here are the ones we tend to use the most. *Note: My word changes as I phase in and out of things. The one listed here for me has been true for the past few months but who knows how much longer it’ll remain as such.

  • Soo ~ “Sweet!”
  • Sonja ~ “Evidently.”
  • Val ~ “Fascinating.” (Spock)
  • Izzy ~ “Dude.”

3)  What would be the pen name of choice if we ever wrote romance (erotica)?

  • Izzy:  Lily LaBlanche
  • Val:  Catherine Lloyd
  • Sonja:  Susan Levana
  • Soo:  Nessa Rei Conor

4)  Exactly what does everyone do on Silk Screen Views?

We all come from diverse backgrounds and careers. Each of us has a long history and experience with editing, organizing, planning and implementing events and projects. Half of us are single and the other half are happily married with great kids. As we’ve gotten more involved with Silk Screen Views and figured out how much fun & challenging it is to be a part of the website, we decided to add services page to SSV and become a part of the process for creating books.

Everyone writes book reviews, most of us has formulated and published an Author Interview and it’s a free for all to post in Ramblings/Rampage. We all bring our unique perspective to the site. We may all love the same topic, book or interest but we relate to each differently. It’s sharing those differences in a mutual love that makes SSV interesting.

Sonja, Val & I network on Goodreads to help promote our posts and reviews. I’ve taken to Twitter and give out daily Tweets on what’s going on with SSV or those we’re connected with on Twitter. Val has put together the Facebook Page and maintains it to keep people up to speed on there. Izzy and I maintain the website. It’s usually me for the day to day stuff but Izzy has her hand in the pot and helps to solve the big mysteries.

5)  Cool Factoid

  • Sonja ~ I rode in an elevator with Felicia Day. Bwahahaha!

My love of reading has led me to try new things that I would never have thought possible. For instance, I taught myself to draft sewing patterns. Armed with a book, I feel like I can accomplish almost anything.

  • Izzy ~ My hair has mind of its own! Anyone with curly hair knows the dealio. I provide Soo morning entertainment every day cuz she never knows what she’s gonna get from my wild hair!

I play piano fairly well and I’ve been known to get my pants covered in paint as I get lost in making art by hand, brush & more.

  • Soo ~ My laughter is infectious and powerful! You can hear me laugh outside.

During a live jazz performance, a musician (who later became a friend) announced that my laugh should be recorded and used as an alarm clock because it would be a great way to wake up.

  • Val ~ I am doing a half marathon every month this year.

Background on Val’s Pen Name:  If I were to write romance novels, I would definitely use a pen name.  I considered what that would be long ago and decided to combine the names of my grandparents.

6)  Thoughts on Silk Screen Views

Izzy:  Gold armor is not a fashion statement. Remember that! I look forward to helping with many posts because I live with Soo and she’ll strangle me. It’s okay because I work well under pressure.

Sonja:  SSV has led me to read more critically. I actually have to think about my reviews instead of just stream of consciousness. Instead of just knowing I love a book, I have to determine why and how.

Val:  I have been having a lot fun reviewing for SSV.  It has allowed me to fan the flames of my inner snark.  I have also begun to think more critically about what I am reading, which has led to a greater appreciation for authors.

Soo:  Maybe you’re starting to notice but I hardly ever do just one thing or for just one reason. SSV started as a project that I’ve had on hold for a long time that I wanted to begin and as part of my way of getting back into writing everyday. It’s become it’s own entity and I love how much I’m gaining from every new experience. It’s invigorating to be a part of creating something that touches other people or helps people you admire. I love learning and challenges. I get plenty of both by working on Silk Screen Views.

7)  Crystal Ball

What’s ahead for Silk Screen Views and our little gang of misfits? A WHOLE LOT!

Look forward to more authors & books joining the Author Interview & Review Series.

Snarktastic Sonja will be doing a showcase that will feature–well, you’ll find out when it comes out.

Darth Val has her eyes set on book covers and she’ll be making a note on them. Will you agree or disagree?

Irate Izzy may be showing her love of all that is Arrow, Vampire Diaries or Person of Interest. Maybe a rant or rave on Veronica Mars. Whatever it is, it’ll keep you on your toes!

A discussion about the Fantasy genre that crosses several websites and bloggers will kick off the debates further as SSV joins the rounds with my own stance on the question: Is Fantasy becoming mired in medieval scenarios and need a kick in a different direction?

Scribes Corner will be getting several updates with interesting articles written by authors.

Rampage only has one post at the moment but will it stay that way? NAH!


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