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Earth –  You are the most grounded of all elementals. You’re calm and thoughtful, and you tend to have a pretty big brain (though you’d never brag about that, of course). You’re fairly quiet and introverted, and you’d rather spend an evening at home with friends than drinking in a noisy bar. You seek harmony and peace in your life, but you also need to be useful. Few things drive you battier than a puzzle that refuses to be solved.

Sunny’s Answer:  I was born an Earth Monkey and I embrace most of it except for the introverted thing…although I can be a hermit sometimes. For example, although we moved into our new home 6 months ago, my husband told me that the neighbors think I’m a figment of his imagination because they have never actually met me. What can I say, I’m too busy reading!

The Prize – Swag Bag o’ Goodies

You will receive a signed copy of Broken Elements and Shifting Selves by Mia Marshall, a water bottle, pin and a green Elements bag. You’re totally set to have a nice day alone with some peace, quiet and a new series to dive into!

Swag Bag aka the PRIZE!

Swag Bag aka the PRIZE!


Read Snarktastic Sonja’s Author Interview with Mia Marshall and take a gander at the Elements Contest that just wrapped up. Never fear! Silk Screen Views will be happy to ask Mia Marshall back for another visit and we’ll have other posts for your reading pleasure! Ah yes! There will be other Contests and Giveaways too.

Elements Contest: What Element are You?

Book 1

Book 2

Silk Screen Views is proud to be a part of Mia Marshall’s Virtual Book Tour and celebrate the release of Shifting Selves, the second book in the Elements series! Sonja had a chance to talk with Mia and gained an inside view into the author and the Elements Series.

In order to celebrate the release, we’re holding a contest for book lovers! Mia has a really great bag of goodies for the winner. Just take a peak at the bottom and you’ll get a look at the prize! Never read the series? No problem! Enter the contest to win great prizes. Want to know how? Read the rules below.

Anyone Can Enter  ~ Contest Ends on 04/27/13

Contest Rules

  1. You must follow Silk Screen Views by WordPress or Email.
  2. Add a Comment Below with the Following Information:
    1. Your Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Pick an Element that best fits you and explain why.
    4. Leave a comment for Mia Marshall or Silk Screen Views.
  3. Winner/s will be Announced: 4/28/13
  4. Enjoy the Author Interview & Reviews! Links are posted at the end.
  5. Thanks for joining us!


Elements Description

Fluid, adaptable, and quick to see various solutions to a problem. You’re the most flexible of the elementals. Like most waters, you are kind and gentle, in part because you often forget why you were supposed to hold a grudge. You’re resilient and quick-witted, though you may tend to speak first and consider your words second, a trait that has gotten you into trouble on more than one occasion. Because of your frequent showers and baths, your personal hygiene is impeccable.

You are the firecracker of the elementals. You’re full of energy and find it difficult to remain still for long periods of time. You’re quite possibly a fidgeter. You are stubborn and intense. While you don’t reveal their emotions easily, there’s always something burning just below the surface. You feel love and hate just a little more intensely than most people do, and few are as loyal as you are. Though you know better, part of you thinks this whole global warming thing is kind of awesome.

You are the most grounded of all elementals. You’re calm and thoughtful, and you tend to have a pretty big brain (though you’d never brag about that, of course). You’re fairly quiet and introverted, and you’d rather spend an evening at home with friends than drinking in a noisy bar. You seek harmony and peace in your life, but you also need to be useful. Few things drive you battier than a puzzle that refuses to be solved.

Of course, you are the coolest of the elementals. You’re charming and charismatic and can work a room like no one’s business. You appreciate the finer things in life: particularly good booze, good food, and a good date. People love your easy-going sense of humor, though your surface charm can be a way to keep people at arm’s length. You’re slow to change, but considering that you like yourself just as you are, that’s not really a problem for you.

The most elusive of the elementals because you don’t move around a whole lot. You tend to find a place you like and stay put, because you see little point in looking for something better when you’re already perfectly happy. You do tend to get set in your ways easily, and you’re the most stubborn of all the elementals. You’re also the most reliable, and you are often surrounded by more flighty people who appreciate your stable influence.

While not as elusive as stone elementals, you’re undoubtedly the most anti-social. You like wide open spaces populated by very few people and avoid spending much time in cities. While you have a strict moral code of your own, you have little interest in society’s laws. You meet up with friends every now and then to let off some steam, but for the most part you keep to yourself. You’re also very patient.


Swag Bag aka the PRIZE!

Swag Bag aka the PRIZE!


Take a look at the Author Interview and read the reviews that Sonja wrote for the books in the Elements series: Broken Elements and Shifting Selves. You can visit Mia Marshall’s website to get more information about her and her work.

Broken Elements ~ Mia Marshall

  • Title: Broken Elements
  • Author:  Mia Marshall
  • Series: Elements #1
  • Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
  • Format: eBook
  • Source: Netgalley
  • Reviewed by: Sonja
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Description: “It’s happening again, Aidan. We didn’t stop it, after all.”

As an elemental, Aidan Brook holds the power of water at her fingertips. A descendant of the earth’s oldest magic, she can cause tides to ebb and flow, put out house fires without calling 911, and give anyone who’s annoying her an impromptu shower. 

But even her magic has its limits. After it fails her one terrible night, she hides from the world and everyone she once loved, trying to escape the memories that haunt her. Ten years later, her exile is brought to an abrupt end when her former best friend appears on her front porch. An elemental killer is once again murdering her friends, and she must return to the scene of her own crimes.
Lake Tahoe proves more than she bargained for. Between a sadistic killer, some clever FBI agents, an annoyingly attractive landlord, and way too many new roommates, she has a pretty full plate. Add in a past she’s desperate to escape and her own uncontrollable powers, and Aidan Brook is having a very, very bad month.

Review:  I have been suffering a bit from series hangover. I have finished the completed novels of 2 series I really, REALLY loved (Mercy Thompson and Kate Daniels), and have really struggled to find another. And then I found this little gem.

I often find myself lukewarm about the first book in a new to me series. After all, the author has to introduce us to new characters and set up new situations and create the world within which we are going to immerse ourselves. This is no easy task. Ms. Marshall, however, manages this ably. She jumps us almost immediately into the action and unfolds the world and characters slowly throughout the novel. Therefore, I never really felt like any particular section is an ‘info-dump’ but, rather, everything actually made sense in the progression of the narrative.

Our heroine, Aidan, suffered a personal crisis 10 years before the start of our story. Since that time, she has locked herself away from the world, preferring to live isolated away from other people – not even allowing contact with those who loved her. As the story begins, her (former) best friend appears on her doorstep to tell them the deaths have started again: one of their dearest friends has been found murdered. This, then, is they mystery set to solved in the remainder of the tale. We discover exactly *what* happened 10 years previously when Aidan tells the rest of the gang so that they can understand exactly what they are facing.

I love the relationship between Aidan and Sera. The repartee between these two is priceless and frequently brought to mind my sister and my best friend. Which means that, even if the conversations were not precious in their own right, the memories they inspired were. And, I think, that is one of the biggest gifts in this story.

There is a love interest. And, there are werekin. But, nary a vampire to be seen and no love triangle – at least yet. The heroines magic is in being able to control an element. While not a totally original concept, it is the first I have seen it in this setting, so that alone makes the book stand out. It is written in the first person, which I tend to enjoy for the simple reason that it puts me in the narrators head. I like playing head games. With characters in novels. Not with people in my life.

I hate giving glowing reviews of self-pubbed books as they tend to be unhelpful to the reader because so many appear to be friends/family of the author. So, please understand I do not know, in any way shape or form, the author. I absolutely loved this book. I’d probably rate it 4.5 stars, but as that is not an option, I rounded down. I may adjust this as the book picks up more reviews.