Sleepy Hollow ~ A Graphic Novel Cover Review

Sleepy Hollow front cover

Sleepy Hollow Front Cover (Click to Enlarge)

A good cover is one that makes you want to read the book contained within. Never is this more true than in the world of graphic novels. The cover for Sleep Hollow hits its mark with this morbid little soul.

I want to give a little disclaimer here. Because this cover belongs to a graphic novel, I apply a different standard than I would a regular work of fiction. I would not consider this to be a very good novel cover. I also want to say that the overall artwork is not outstanding, but it gets the job done.

The front cover is pretty gruesome, but in an awesome way. The overall visual impression is typical headless horseman, but the devil is in the details of this cover. The facial expressions on the claimed heads hanging around the horseman’s waist tell a tale of fear, agony, and horror. The long and jagged nails, rotting torso, tattered clothing, and dripping blood are macabre indications of what might be in store for the reader.

Sleep Hollow back cover

Sleepy Hollow Back Cover (Click to Enlarge)

The title font, however, is terrible. It just looks cheesy. The Grimm Fairy Tales font is not bad, but it is difficult to read. If this is the standard font they use for branding, I suggest they implement a minimum size usage policy to ensure readability or select a different font.

As for the back cover, I love the skull border and the dark gradient, again lending itself well to a horror title. I like the mounted horsemen image better than the cover art. The dark image contrasting against the moon sets a great creepy vibe that is only further enhanced by the red glow emanating from with the horse and rider.

Again, I have the same issue with the title and Grimm fonts. The description font is fine, although I am not a big fan of ALL CAPS. The description itself captures my interest and makes me want to check this one out.