Silent Encounter (Short Story)

(Note:  A steamy short story. It is not explicit but it does have sexual context.)

It was just a quick, fast fuck with smothered moans and cut off grunts. He didn’t say anything. His look shut off anything she had to say. There were no sweet kisses and leisurely caresses to tantalize her senses.

He watched her as she pulled up her tight skirt and pulled down the sheer stockings. As instructed, she didn’t wear any underwear. Without any indicators, she knelt before him to unbuckle his belt and undo his pants to release his erection. She wanted to touch it, take it in her mouth, stroke it with her tongue and suck it hard with her greedy desire. Instead, she stood up, bent over and braced herself against the prestigious wood paneled hallway.

There was no foreplay or warmup. He took her. Hard and fast. And she took him; hot, wet and willing. His hands marked her soft pink flesh where he held her hips for his use. The smack of moist skin to skin muffled by the thick wooden panels. He jetted his released into her with several thrusts that shoved her into the wall. Held her still as the last of his release soaked her inner walls and pulled out to wait. In seconds, she turned, knelt before him and eagerly cleaned his semi-erect cock of their tryst.

He tucked himself away and dressed. He straightened his tie as he walked away. She was left alone, dripping from their encounter and staring hopelessly at his retreating back.