Silk Screen Views Editing Services

Editing Service Descriptions:

1. Basic Proofreading –  Checking manuscript for design structure and correction of basic mechanical errors:  capitalization, spelling mistakes and punctuation.

2. Editorial Proofreading –  Basic Proofreading + Checking manuscript for simple errors in word usage, hyphenation and subject-verb agreement. Ex: to/too/two

3. Copyediting (Basic) –  Editorial Proofreading + A full check of the manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage and other mechanics of style. Any changes made will be done in the author’s style and tone in order to improve the copy.

4. Copyediting (Heavy) – Copyediting (Basic) + Improve the flow of writing by rewriting portions to maintain a uniform level, focus and tone of the manuscript. May implement changes of passive voice to active voice, add missing articles (a, an, the), or improve readability by rearranging sentences. Any changes made will be done in the author’s style and tone in order to polish the manuscript and improve the copy.

5. Substantive Editing –  Copyediting (Heavy) + A detailed editing process that takes an active role in implementing changes. In order to polish the manuscript to improve clarity and flow, the editor will get rid of clumsy wording, overuse of passive voice, repetition and convoluted sentence structure. Sections of the manuscript may be rearranged to make smooth transitions in content and structure. Problem areas will be pointed out to the author and suggestions will be made to help refine the manuscript to a more perfect state.

6. Book Synopsis –  Editing or rewriting the story synopsis to be an appealing description to draw a reader’s attention.


We Offer Two Type of Rates:

  1. Per Words:  Rate for each 1000 Words
    1. For word counts that go over 1000, the number will be rounded up to half marker.
    2. Example:  1200 = 1500 words or 1700 = 2000 words
  2. Per Hour:  Rate for each Hour

*Special Discount for New Clients


Editing Service List & Base Rates

Type of Editing Services

  1. Basic Proofreading
  2. Editorial Proofreading
  3. Copyediting (Basic)
  4. Copyediting (Heavy)
  5. Substantive Editing
  6. Book Synopsis *Flat Rate*
Rate Per 1K Words

  1. $8.00
  2. $14.00
  3. $18.00
  4. $25.00
  5. $35.00
  6. N/A
Rate Per Hour

  1. $16.00
  2. $20.00
  3. $25.00
  4. $35.00
  5. $45.00
  6. $30.00 (Flat Rate)


To engage Silk Screen Views for one of the Editing Services, email with the following information:

  1. Type of Service
  2. Topic/Title of Manuscript
  3. Estimated Deadline or Time Frame for Complete Manuscript
  4. Genre
  5. Total Wordcount
  6. Total Number of Pages
  7. MS Word File:  One of the Following
    • Excerpt of 1500 Words
    • 1 to 2 Chapters depending on Length

Read the FAQ’s and Requirements Page for more detailed information about SSV Services.


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